Osama Hamdan

Arab vs Non-Arab conflicts are set up by the arrogant front to destroy the Muslim world

Undoubtedly one of the strategic goals for the United States of America is to create crisis and chaos in which it would deviate or direct us from the struggle against the Zionist regime. This includes creating religious and/or racial crises such as Arab vs. Non-Arab, Shia-Sunni conflicts. These conflicts are premeditated and planned-sadly some ignorant people become a part of them.

Osama Hamdan was born 1965 in Gaza, he received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Yarmuk-Jordan in 1986. Throughout his academia he was a constituent of Islamic movements. From 1998 - 2009, Hamdan held a title as Director of Hamas, headquartered in Beirut. Today he serves as the International Relations Chief for Hamas.

As a senior member of Hamas, Osama Hamdan is most notable for surviving a terrorist attack in South Dhahia. (Many individuals sadly lost their lives in the attack.) It was later evident Hamdan was the central target of this attack engineered by the Israeli terror organization, Mossad.

In his interview with Khamenei.ir, Mr. Hamdan sheds light on Hamas and Syria relations, Iran’s ties with Hamas, and progression in arming the West Bank. Furthermore, he touches on Palestinian views towards Iran in comparison to other Islamic countries (who seek to normalize ties with Israel), as the number of people martyred in the Third Intifada is on the rise.

What is the condition of the Third Intifada, at what stage is it and in your opinion how long will this intifada last?

 In the name of God. Without a doubt supporters of the intifada which Palestinians have taken up since British occupation in 1917, realize that their most notable corridor has always been resistance. In regards to Palestinian resistance, a critical point historically, was at some stage during the signing of Oslo Accord peace treaty with the Zionist regime. I believe it was a crucial point because of the amount of pressure that the treaty imposed on the Palestinian nation, in order to ‘normalize’ relations with the Zionist regime. The treaty was doomed for failure since its origins.

Moreover, western powers -the United States in particular- jest as if the normalization process is still in effect. The Intifada has three important factors that over time contributed towards its development. First, it has commenced in an effort to demonstrate that this idea of normalization is insincere. The second attribute, is that of the bold generation who blossomed in the shadow of the Oslo Accord, the initiators of the Third Intifada. If you grant awareness in the direction of those martyred, who launched operations against the occupying Zionist regime, you find they are remarkably young. Many of the martyrs are younger than 18. These courageous souls were born in the shadow of the Oslo Accord or a within few years of its instigation.

Today we are approaching 150 days of intifada. Israel never expected the Third Intifada to last for so long.

The occupying Zionist regime expected Palestinians to deal with the atrocious experience of occupation peacefully and in submission of the occupation. However, they fought the occupation and moved on with a strong spirit, seeking martyrdom, one that consolidates reliance on the Islamic nation, Islam and Palestine. Today we are approaching 150 days of intifada. Israel never expected the Third Intifada to last for so long. The Israelis had diminutive expectations for the new generation of Palestine; and they expected the Third Intifada to fall apart within two weeks. The Third Intifada sends a message to the Zionist regime that rather than being a defeated and surrendered young generation, they are encountered with a courageous, resilient generation, dedicated to the liberation of their lands. I believe this intifada will continue with their approach; the trend will expand into the future, God Willing.

Why are Palestinians being killed in such a barbaric manner while the world and western media are silent?


Initially, the one who created the Israeli dilemma was Europe. Let me stress, that the Jews have never been oppressed or wronged by Muslims. Contrarily, in the shade of Muslim majority, the Jews have practiced their religious rituals while respected and secured. Therefore, responsibility is on Europe; the one who created the Israeli dilemma. Europe created the Zionist regime in our region and the United States supported and continues to support it. This explains why they interact with the Zionist regime and legitimize the regime’s crimes by allowing it to occupy, massacre and invade. Another major problem is what they have set up in the name of  ‘Human Rights’, have caused upheaval about across the world, and is hardly ever brought up when a Palestinian, Arab or a Muslim is killed.

I believe that the western govts’ support for Israel will continue until one day western nations -witnessing such cruelty and oppression- will rise up in support of the Palestinian nation.

However, when a Palestinian, an Arab or a Muslim tries to defend self - our religion has prohibited us to invade or attack others but does allow us to defend ourselves- they accuse him of being a terrorist, supporting terrorism or the like. I believe that the world’s silence is not a controversial issue; it’s actually in line with giving the Israelis a chance to end the conflicts and win over the Palestinian nation. I believe that the western governments’ support for the Zionist regime will continue until one day western nations and the people of the world -witnessing such cruelty and oppression- will rise up in support of the Palestinian nation. This unanimous awakening will lead to the victory of the Palestinian nation’s determination. It is obvious that the Palestinian nation’s determination in their resistance and struggle will receive more global support. This will boost the Islamic nation and the world’s freedom seekers’ fury against the Zionist regime.

Osama Hamdan's autograph on a poster titled "The Silent Volcano" about the martyrdom of Palestinian students during the third Intifada

What is the world’s duty towards the Third Intifada? What does HAMAS - the Islamic Resistance Movement - ask the world, Islamic governments, theٌ Islamic Nation and the west?


The one who has decided to resist, requests nothing from no one. He tells the world that he will continue on his path till victory. However, we do face two sides. One side assists us and we consider them our companions in this resistance. We believe that any bullet shot by the fighters and any missile fired by anyone who helps us, shares the reward and the victory, God Willing. I also frankly say, we do not value those who stand against the Palestinian nation; our message to them is clear. Today the Palestinian nation has opted for resistance, against occupation and this is the choice they have stood firm by for decades.

Those Islamic governments who do not support the resistance, at least they should not stand with Israel

The Palestinians have not achieved their ultimate victory but they have gained victories on their path of resistance. The Israelis have started withdrawing; forced to withdraw from Gaza. During their wars against Gaza in 2008, 2012 and 2014 the Israelis failed to overcome the resistance. Thus, resistance has turned into an everlasting truth on the planet. Gaza has turned into a base for resistance against the brutal occupation of a community’s homeland; today the Intifada has reached outward towards the West Bank and Jerusalem.

We advise all that, time to join the resistance is now. Those Islamic governments who do not support the resistance, at least they should not stand with Israel, because the battle is closing. Liberation will soon be achieved, God willing. We will return to Jerusalem and the Palestinian Nation will remember who stood by them. They will remember who disregarded them, who supported the Zionist regime standing against them, their demands and each issue; they will have to answer then.

Some people in the west try to take a fair and just stance towards the people of Palestine. For instance, we were recently made aware of the Swedish foreign minister’s brave stance in regards to Palestine.  Fair judgments’ are being upheld by certain westerners while on the other hand, some Islamic governments aim to expand and improve their relations with the usurper Zionist regime. What is the Hamas’ attitude towards these conflicting attitudes?

This is one of the impediments of the world. Definitely, various countries with their efforts on improving affairs with the Zionist regime stem from naivety or lack clarity for politics with an unawareness of history and Divine traditions. There are a number of people who assume that establishing relations with the Zionist regime will open a door for them and the USA. I feel if a man truly seeks legitimacy, legitimacy would come neither from the White House nor from the Zionist regime but from the nation.

One who seeks legitimacy should look for it in their own nation. If some individuals believe that a bond with the Zionist regime would benefit them, I would suggest they study the history. For example, research those who had good relations with the regime and where they’re at today. As for us, we are in Tehran today.  Iran has been well-known and well-recognized for their support and inspiration extended towards the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause. Before Iran’s victorious Revolution of 79, the Shah was a strategic ally of the Zionist regime; Iran’s Islamic Revolution put an end to that matter. The Islamic Revolution won over and the Shah ran away; did Israel welcome the Shah? Did Israel grant him anything? The Zionist regime did not help him one bit. For the Zionist regime mercenaries are cheap objects! Those who abandon their own nation to join Israel are worthless possessions for the Israelis. There is a proverb that says, “The one who does no good for his close ones, won’t do good for others.” Those who think they can benefit from Israel are delusional.

On the other hand, those who take a position in support of the Palestinian plight and those who take a fair stance - like the foreign minister of Sweden - have a human conscience that God has bestowed on everyone awakened. A human conscience recognizes truth and justice regardless of religion and language.

Today they are witnesses to a truth they could not see before, so that is why we endorse and encourage them. It is our duty to make the issues more apparent. Because Israel’s propaganda war is strong, we must provide those who persistently stand their ground with information. Anyone who helps Israel is complicit in their propagandist attack. 

Imam Khamenei wrote a letter addressing the people, particularly the western youth. Over the last few days in Europe and other western nations, there are traces of an awakening towards issues regarding the Islamic world, particularly Palestine. Significant movements in western nations supporting Palestine have been initiated. What does your message to the youth entail?

The leader’s letter addressing the west was an important and thorough letter. Based on the letter, it can be said that over the past 100 years, western governments have thrived on disturbing public thought on three major issues: Pertaining to Islam, they have created this Islamophobic environment.  I believe this strategy was set forth to prevent younger generations from learning the truth and reality of Islam in western nations. I am sure that if the youth learn about Islam in a free environment, many of them may convert to Islam.

Secondly, many western politicians try to distort public opinion on Palestine. Certainly when the justice seeking youth live in a free setting, and are made aware that the Zionist regime is occupying Palestine, they will shift their stance.

As of now, boycott campaigns have commenced. Western youth calls on others to boycott products related to the Israeli regime and its cultural centers. This bold act has concerned the Israelis. Since the boycotts, the Zionist regime passed a $1 billion budget for rebuilding its reputation in Europe. For a government created and supported by the west, this is an alarming budget.

 This is while -over the last 60 years- the regime simultaneously claims it represents democracy and freedom. Today the world witnesses an occupied Palestine which has become like a prison of barbarism where Palestinians are massacred and neighboring countries are attacked. Secondly, it is necessary that we not forget the Israeli crimes committed against the people of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and the surrounding region. The second issue has begun to widen the eyes of younger generations as they see the real face of Israel in the west.

Currently there is a big question in the west, that needs to be addressed practically, and that is the issue of Islamic unity. If Islam is a great religion, why are its followers fighting each other?

The third issue that the western governments perpetuate among their youth is by overlooking the civilized and practical history of the Middle East and the World of Islam. Instead, they view our region, the Arabs and the Muslims as “backwards” and “uncivilized”. If they learn accurate details and are properly educated on Islamic civilization, they will discover that their own civilizations have originated from ours; this has been conveyed to the west through Muslim scholars and scientists. Moreover, there is a group emerging among the new generation of western scholars who reveal the truth about Islamic civilization and how it has served so many all over the world. Today the west tries to prevent us from acquiring knowledge and scientific advancements, because they prefer that we remain consumers.

I believe that the operation brought forth, in order to distort the mindset of western youth by concealing the truth, is implemented through several strategies. Today these issues are being exposed in Europe but there still exists a major distance between us and them. Currently there is a big question in the west, that needs to be addressed practically, and that is the issue of Islamic unity. If Islam is a great religion, why are its followers fighting each other? Why is there discord and sedition among them? Why are there problems between them? Perhaps it is time to be practical about reviving Islamic unity. Unity is an effective principle which once grasped, a major transition can occur in public opinion world-wide on behalf of it.

 What do you think of these justice-seeking movements by the youth in the west who support the Palestinian cause?  What would the message of Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) be for the youth in the west, if you want to address the west?

The first part of the message, which we would like to deliver, is we are a nation which belongs to a greater nation. A nation that - when it’s civilization flourished in the world- offered goodness, mercy and decency to all humans. I don’t think there is any civilization that has freely offered so much goodness and so many benefits for humankind as our civilization did.

Today there might be governments that try to offer services towards humanity but they set their political conditions in return or seek cultural influence with a desire to dictate certain social issues; our nation did not do so and respected the rights of humankind. We belong to a nation that possesses such great virtues. Hence, the Palestinian nation and the resistance movement should be perceived as a part of this Islamic nation that has been the source of so much goodness and righteousness throughout world history.

Secondly, this regime which has occupied Palestinian territory is an alien regime to these lands. If you ask all Israelis the question, “where were you born?” You will discover that many of them were not even born in Palestine. Moreover, their parents were not born in Palestine; some did not even live in Palestine for a single day! And if you ask any Palestinian the same question you will realize that they, their parents, their grandparents and 20 generations before them were born in Palestine. Even more significant is if you ask any Arab or Muslim, “who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina before the occupation of Jerusalem?” You’ll discover that they have probably made pilgrimage to Jerusalem too. It is the first direction which Muslims used to pray and you may even find out that they have relatives or family members who live there. Hence, you can find Muslims from an array of nationalities who have visited Jerusalem because of the sacred site there.

If you (the youth in the west), want to assist the Palestinian people, try to put an end to occupation and invasion. Then you will witness peace return between members of different religions and ethnicities in Palestine

The third point is we resist against the occupier. We have no interest in murder and massacre. We are followers of Islam, the only religion that says “Certainly, We have honored the Children of Adam” and human beings are honored and have a special status on earth. But if a human being violates our rights, we will respond. Thus, when we resist, we do so in response to an invasion or violation and this resistance will last as long as the invasion continues. If you (the youth in the west), want to assist the Palestinian people, try to put an end to occupation and invasion. Then you will witness peace return between members of different religions and ethnicities in Palestine, just as it used to be before the occupation by the Zionists.

 In your opinion, how should a Muslim nation whose own government maintains relations with the usurper Zionist regime, react?

 Our message to these nations is lucid. We as a movement, established in the middle of a phenomenal resistance -regardless of what our name is- reject any kind of relation or normalization of relations with the Zionist regime. We declare that, the duty of the Ummah (Islamic nation) is supporting the resistance. Those who cannot or do not have the potential to support the resistance the least they can do is avoid standing with the Israelis and remain silent.  The prophet (pbuh) said, “Anyone who believes in God and the Hereafter, should either speak good or remain silent.”

I invite the Islamic Ummah and nations across the globe, without hesitation, to take the appropriate actions by confronting any move which seeks to establish relations with Israel.

I believe the response among these nations to end establishing or normalizing relations with the Zionist regime, would allow Islamic governments ponder and reflect before taking any action in this regard. But if these nations remain silent, they will probably give authorities a greater motive to continue on with their efforts to normalize relations with Israel. Hence, we request that these nations manifest their nobility and credibility by setting examples for those states who seek to establish relations with Israel. We request that they display their affiliation with the Islamic nation towards the authorities of those Islamic governments, who seek peaceful relations with the Zionist regime. Muslim nations should remind Islamic governments, occasionally it may happen an Islamic community is invaded somewhere in the world, or disagreements happen among Muslim countries, but the issue of Palestine is not one that can be compromised; for it entails a part of Muslim nations’ creed. They should remind the officials that Palestine is the main concern of the Islamic World.

I invite the Islamic Ummah and nations across the globe, without hesitation, to take the appropriate actions by confronting any move which seeks to establish relations with Israel

I am certain that if these nations unite in action against the Zionist regime, Islamic states will not date to normalize relations with the Zionist regime, and some of them may even be removed from the political map.


 The United States and the Zionist regime are making several efforts to marginalize and white wash the issue of Palestine. They create deviant fronts which commit murder and fratricide in Syria, Yemen and Libya. Has the U.S. and Israel, in your opinion, managed to marginalize the issue of Palestine to some extent, by creating new deviating goals and issues?

Undoubtedly one of the strategic goals for the United States of America is to create crisis and chaos in which it would deviate or direct us from the struggle against the Zionist regime. This includes creating religious and/or racial crises such as the Arab-Tamazight, Fars-Arab, Arab-Non-Arab, and Turkish-Iranian conflicts. These conflicts are premeditated and planned-sadly some ignorant people become a part of them. I believe that if we do not stay vigilant, we may reach a point where the issue of Palestine fades completely from the hearts and minds of Muslims. Americans are trying harder than ever right now to steer people from the movement. They have observed how the Tunisian nation (during their own revolution), echoed similar slogans and expressions, which three decades ago the Iranian nation had demonstrated during their revolution.

Just like the Iranian nation who chanted “Down with Israel” (after the Islamic Revolution), the Tunisian nation chanted “Today Tunisia, Tomorrow Palestine!” The Egyptian nation also chanted “Today Egypt, Tomorrow Palestine!” This was definitely an intimidating prospect for Israel and its supporters; and for the same reason they tried to deviate us from Islamic revolutionary movements in recent years.

I think they managed to create calamity; I do not believe they have managed to entirely redirect these movements. Our duty today is to guide the movement into the right direction and consolidate it. This is not only the duty of the movements’ resistance but also the obligation of those in Islamic nations who seek the truth, are sincere and love Palestine.  It is the responsibility of us all to declare, “Our chief battle is against the Zionist regime and its supporters.” We as an Islamic nation are brothers in the same home. Brothers might have disagreements among themselves but they never opt for warmongering. They opt for dialogue, cooperation and collaboration; this is our duty too. I suppose we have two main routes ahead of us that call for action in order to realize this imperative goal, the goal of putting the movement back on the right track.

The first route is to strengthen the hierarchy of those who struggle against the Zionist regime, so the regime is aware that resistance is still very much alive in Palestine. The second route requires hard work and effort in order to achieve unity in the region; settling the crisis through dialogue rather than weapons and murder.

If Islamic nations and other nations in the region do not realize the danger of U.S.’s and Israel’s ploy to sow discord among the world of Islam, what will await the Islamic Nation?


This is impossible to imagine and resolving the issue won't be easy either and will require time and much effort. However, we can gain victory from this confrontation. What we have observed today concerning takfiri ideology is that it has nothing to do with Islam. While the takfiris affiliate themselves with Islam, the struggle is an ideological and cultural conflict. We should raise awareness in our nation and educate subsequent generations on pure Islam by simply showing them that Islam is a religion of mercy. Islam is a religion of goodness for Islamic nations and for the entire world. The takfiris have strayed far away from Islam.

As I have mentioned, this is not an easy task particularly in the shadow of tools at the mercy of the Islamic nation’s enemies (the U.S. and Israel), who are conditioned to support such viewpoints.

 Mr. Osama Hamdan (Hamas' international chief of relations), how do you assess your movement’s relation with Syria today?

We have no problem with Syria. The leadership of Hamas has spent extensive time in Syria.  After the Syrian crisis, the leader of Hamas left the country since managing the fight against the Zionist regime requires a great deal of effort and concentration. We announced from day one, the Syrian people should make the ultimate decision in resolving their issues; they should be resolved through political dialogue.

If certain forces that instigate acts of war against the Islamic nations are allowed to intervene, this will be aimed at nothing but the destruction of Syria and the Syrian nation. For at the end of the day, they do not facilitate the Syrian nation and countries good intentions. We still hope that our brothers in Syria manage to get out of this crisis which has afflicted them. We have always known them stand within the resistance axis.

If we were to want a comment that would be recorded throughout history, in your opinion, what role did Syria play in the axis of resistance?

Syria was who the axis of resistance relied on and this means a lot.

 In the midst of what terrorist groups do, in particular ISIS, in order to destroy Syria, the United States and Israel have sought to prevent Syria from assisting their brothers in Palestine. Do you think the U.S. and Israel have managed to achieve this goal? 

I believe that this “triumph” of theirs is a temporary one and the battle has not been won. It is unfortunate that they have managed to gain a small victory; I do believe they failed in achieving the outcome desired.

At the end of the day, this nation will not submit to this situation. This situation cannot last in the region. It is unfortunate that we are facing such hardships. But, we should keep in mind that this region is the most vital region on the earth and we have been destined to live in this region. We have gone through so much in this region. We battled the Tatars and the Mongols; we defeated them and then invited them to Islam. They returned home and established glorious Islamic kingdoms in India and central Asia. We did not only defeat them militarily wise, they found Islam. Islam is the religion of mercy. The invaders who came to scare and murder the people were defeated in a military attack and then by observing the mercy and beauty of Islam, they embraced the religion. The Franks came and occupied our country, Palestine and Jerusalem. After that, we managed to drive them out. This is the potential of the children in our region.

Honestly, despite all the hardships that the Palestinian nation must endure, we feel proud that God has placed this responsibility on the shoulders of the Palestine. We bear the message of Islam which is benevolence for the whole of humanity. We have paid the price and are ready to continue to pay for it, for we have faith that what will remain on the earth is goodness and righteousness. “And verily we have written in the Scripture, after the Reminder: My righteous servants will inherit the earth” Quran [21:105].

 What role did the Islamic Republic of Iran play in supporting the Palestinian nation? How will it continue in the future?

 The story of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s role is a long one; unfortunately there won’t be enough time during this interview to cover all of it.

 I believe the Islamic Republic’s support for the cause and the nation of Palestine began before the victory of the Islamic Revolution when Imam Khomeini was persecuted by the Shah’s regime and lived in Najaf. Then he issued a verdict that allowed the money collected for Khums and Zakat to be spent on Palestinian fighters.

The Islamic Republic’s support for the cause and the nation of Palestine began before the victory of the Islamic Revolution

 In their narrow ideology, they prioritized Iran over other issues; why would they talk about Palestine? But Imam Khomeini could see that the source of evil in this region was this cancerous tumor. He knew that this evil should be dealt with from the root.

After the victory of the Revolution, the most important thing to happen was a strategic change in the region. Change occurred when Iran turned from a supporter of the Zionist regime into a supporter of resistance for the Palestinian nation. The support that Iran provided with its resistance, whether in Palestine or in Lebanon- lead to victories which were unmatched compared to previous years.  For 37 years with the support of the Islamic Republic for resistance in Palestine and in Lebanon, by the grace of God, we have achieved victories that were unattainable for the greatest armies. We succeeded in driving the occupiers out of Lebanon in 2000, out of Gaza in 2004 and in July 2006 during the 33-day war in Lebanon, we won the fight against the invaders.  We won the confrontation in Gaza (December 2008-January 2009) and later in 2012 and 2014, we recorded epics. In all these victories the Islamic Republic of Iran had a role in terms of political, financial and direct support by providing the resistance with all equipment.

For 37 years with the support of the Islamic Republic for resistance in Palestine and in Lebanon, by the grace of God, we have achieved victories that were unattainable for the greatest armies.

Looking back, as far as Hamas is concerned, we are talking about 25 years of relations, at the least, with the Islamic Republic.  Naturally, the experience recorded throughout these 25 years will generate a better future, God Willing. Today there are many great projects we share with our brothers in the Islamic Republic. One such project started years ago and continues today; we talk about new projects in the framework of resistance and in supporting the Palestinian people’s resistance. Thus, I believe that in the future these relations will greatly improve. We anticipate and wish the day will come when Jerusalem is liberated; God willing that day will come soon. I believe that the entire world will witness that day and on that day we will speak out in great details on how Iran arranged the resistance. Perhaps today certain security issues hinder us from revealing all of our details. However, I will say that any victory the resistance has gained, our Iranian brothers had a role in it.


 You said, “Iran’s support for Hamas has long existed and continues to be there.” Can you please explain more?

In the year 2014, the occupiers thought they managed to marginalize the cause of Palestine while in the gloom of other regional events. They believe that the Islamic Republic was too busy with the events in the region and the Arabs distanced themselves from the Palestinian issue. So they thought they could devastate the center of resistance in the region and their next assault would be targeted at the center of resistance in Lebanon. The enemy attacked Gaza.  It’s true that during 51 days of an assault by the enemy many houses were demolished and thousands of Palestinian children were killed. However the outcome shocked the enemies because missiles reached Tel Aviv and Haifa. They were traumatized by seeing the forces of resistance combat the occupiers on the front lines and the soldiers of the occupying regime ran away. They were dazed by the facilities that we had and continued to produce, they were unaware. As a precaution, we say it is difficult to talk about the details regarding Iran’s support for the resistance. This is discreet information on the resistance and something undisclosed between us and Iran. Iran is not one of those countries who would brag and boast about supporting the resistance; in fact Iran’s support for the resistance is more a matter of faith and belief than a political one.

In 2014, the world witnessed this support and its consequences in facing the enemy before the intifada began. A short while before the intifada started, our sir (the leader), called for the arming of the West Bank. Today the Palestinian nation has launched a revolution and I think that the glory of the resistance in the West Bank will be more magnificent than ever, God Willing.

 With regard to the arming of the West Bank, you pointed out Ayatollah Khamenei’s remarks on the issue. How has the arming of the West Bank progressed?

What I can say is that the issue is in the proper direction; no need to talk about the details.

 What is the message of Osama Hamdan’s one-week visit to Tehran?

First of all we feel at home, we are with our family here. I declare openly and unambiguously that this visit made a clear response to the many rumors, illusions and conspiracies which were aimed at creating problems between Hamas and Iran. Simply put, these relations of over 25 years have created many solutions for Palestinian concerns, the Palestinian nation, the Palestinian resistance and the Islamic nation. This relationship will not be damaged by rumors or schemes or distress here and there. This alliance will continue and will improve, God Willing. It is one of the most important relations that determine the future of Palestine.

What was the outcome of your visit?

I can say that the most significant outcome of this visit was that it rejected all baseless rumors. It exposed the stances of all those who worked all day to inculcate that there is a crisis in our relations with Iran. I believe that this is a significant outcome, for it has infuriated our enemies, it has uplifted our friends and the sincere members of our Islamic nation. Infuriating the enemies is sometimes a desirable affair and in our religious belief it is accepted too.

The second outcome was that ideas were exchanged concerning Palestine and the progress of the intifada. We talked about projects supporting this intifada and received our brothers’ remarks on it.


Can you elaborate on what has been done in particular to support the Intifada?

The talks that we had on defined projects for supporting the Intifada and the responses that we received from our brothers cannot be talked about in details. But what can be said is that our brothers are ready to support the families of the martyred as a result of the Intifada. They are ready to support the rebuilding of homes that the usurpers demolished and provide the resistance with other essentials.

The houses demolished during this Intifada?

Yes. Israel demolishes the houses of every young girl or boy who carries out Istishadiya[1] against the usurpers. Our Iranian brothers have promised to play a role in rebuilding these houses.  We also talked about the resistance in Gaza and its requirements, receiving affirmative responses. Finally, we discussed ways to confront sedition efforts aimed at infiltrating the Islamic nation along with responsibilities and mutual actions to be taken in this regard.

What is the message of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, for Iran after 37 years since their Islamic Revolution?

 Frankly, the Islamic Revolution in Iran has undoubtedly saved the Iranian nation from oppression, despotism and efforts to impose a humiliated status on them; the revolution turned Iran into a great and beloved nation as the one we know today. Today many years after the revolution, instead of obeying the arrogant fronts, Iran has found the status it deserves as a noble and significant nation-not only in the region but also in the entire world!

If this is the only benefit of the Islamic Revolution, I believe it is great enough to make a state so influential, glorified and generous. Furthermore, I also believe that this revolution created inspiration throughout the Islamic nation. It is a model for many who are oppressed, they know now that it’s possible to launch a revolution against their oppressors, against anyone who practices arrogance in their land and in their country; we have witnessed such outcomes over the past few decades.

This is why I say my message to the Iranian nation is, “This revolution is undoubtedly a God-given victory and at the same time, a responsibility, because once God bestows a blessing upon a servant, the servant has to be grateful and act responsibly.” “If you are grateful [to God], I shall most certainly give you more and more;” Quran [14:7].

I ask God to bestow goodness upon this glorified country and make this country successful in the region and in the Islamic nation in what is best for it. God willing.


[1] Istishadiya is an Arabic term which means ‘martyrdom’. It refers to operations that are very likely to lead to the death of the ones who carry it out but are necessary sacrifices to make for defending one’s country, family, etc against the invaders.


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