Muhammad pbuh

The Holy Prophet carried the message of knowledge

The Holy Prophet carried the message of knowledge, yet there was no knowledge in that society. He carried the message of justice, yet there was no trace of justice in that society and powerful people and bullying rulers dominated people's lives and possessions.

He was the messenger of morality, lenience, forgiveness, justice, and kindness, yet that society was devoid of such  haracteristics in the real sense of the word. The society was full of unkind, bullying, immoral, ignorant, and prejudiced people who were unjustifiably arrogant and who had their hearts set on carnal desires.

It was in such tough and fanatic conditions and in such a dry desert this sapling grew up and continued its growth for 13 years that finally ended in the establishment of the Prophet's rule.

He formed a community on the basis of monotheism, knowledge, justice, morality, ethics, and generosity. He transformed humility into dignity and barbarism into brotherhood. He  turned fanaticism into tolerance and reasoning. He transformed a state of ignorance into knowledge.

~ Ayatollah Khamenei, 07/30/2008