Leader's letter to President Rouhani regarding the JCPOA

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution wrote a letter to Mr. President Hassan Rouhani on October 21, 2015 where he declared the 9 requirements of the implication of JCPOA.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful,

Your Excellency Mr. Rohani,

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Chairman of the Supreme National Security Council,

With Peace and Greetings,

Now that the agreement called "Bar-Jaam" [JCPOA]- after a precise and responsible review in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in the Special Commission and other commissions as well as in the Supreme National Security Council- has taken its legal course and in expectation of the announcement of my view, I deem it necessary to be reminding you of some points so that Your Excellency and the other administrators who are directly or indirectly involved in this matter have ample opportunity to observe and protect national interests and the important affairs of the country.

1. Before all else, I deem it necessary to thank all who were involved in this challenging process in all periods of this matter, specifically: the current negotiating team who made their utmost effort in explaining and establishing the positive points and the critics who with commendable precision pointed out the weak points to all of us. I would like to specifically thank the chairman and members of the Majlis Special Commission as well as the distinguished members of the Supreme National Security Council who with interpolation of certain important matters were themselves able to deal with some ambiguous points. I would like to thank the speaker and members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly who with the passing of a cautious bill, pointed out the correct way for the implementation to the administration. I would like to thank the national broadcasters as well as the writers in the media of the country who with all their differences of opinion in sum were able to convey a complete picture of the agreement for the public. The totality of this work, effort and thought concerning a matter which is a memorable and instructive matter for the Islamic Republic, is itself worthy of praise and a source for gratification. It is with this reason that one can say with confidence that Divine rewards for this responsible action will include the aid, mercy and guidance of the Divine Essence- God willing- because the promise of Divine help in return for aiding His religion is irrevocable.

2. Your Excellency, who has decades of experience in the affairs of the Islamic Republic, certainly know that the government of the United States- in the nuclear affair or in any other matter- has shown nothing but hostility and obstruction and it is very unlikely that they will behave in any other manner than this in the future. The statements by the American president in two letters addressed to this person wherein it is stated that he does not have the intention of overthrowing the Islamic Republic, quickly turned out to be untrue with his support of domestic seditionists and his financial support of opponents of the Islamic Republic. His direct threats of military attack- and even nuclear attack which can result in his indictment in international courts- lifted the veil on the real intentions of the rulers of America. Global opinion and experts from many countries clearly recognize that the source of this unending hostility is the essence and identity of the Islamic Republic of Iran which has arisen from the Islamic Revolution. Steadfastness on the truthful stances of Islam against the oppressive and arrogant hegemon, steadfastness against the avarice for and violation of weak nations, disclosure of American support of medieval dictators and the smashing of independent nations, unconditional support of the Palestinian people and national liberation movements, rational and globally popular cries against the vicious Zionist regime- these constitute the general elements that for the regime of the United States of America makes enmity towards the Islamic Republic inevitable. And this enmity will continue as long as the Islamic Republic, with reliance on its domestic strength and steadfastness, makes them desperate. The actions and discourse of the American government in the long and tedious negotiations showed that this too was another link in the chain of their obstinate enmity towards the Islamic Republic. The deception of the duplicity in the statements of their officials upon the acceptance of direct negotiations by the Islamic Republic, the repeated breaking of promises during the course of the 2-year-long negotiations, their cooperation with the desires of the Zionist regime and their bullying diplomacy in relation to European governments and organizations involved in the negotiations- all of these show that the deceitful entering of the Americans into the nuclear negotiations was not with the intention of resolving matters justly, but rather it was for the pursuit of their hostile goals against the Islamic Republic. Without a doubt, maintaining vigilance regarding the hostile intentions of the American government and continued steadfastness which was maintained throughout the negotiating process by the officials of the Islamic Republic, has been able to prevent numerous heavy losses. With this, the result of the negotiations in the form of the Bar-Jaam, contains ambiguous points and structural weaknesses and there are numerous matters- which if they are not attended to precisely and moment-by-moment- can result in great damage for the current and future state of the country.

3. The 9 articles of the recent law passed by the Majlis and the 2 articles in the resolution adopted by the Supreme National Security Council contain useful and significant points which have to be observed. In addition, there are other points which with emphasis on numerous points mentioned in those two documents- have to be observed and which will be announced:

1st. Considering that acceptance of negotiations by the Islamic Republic was fundamentally based on the goal of ending the unjust economic and financial sanctions and that the implementation of this in the Bar-Jaam has been postponed to the time after Iran has implemented, it is imperative to receive strong and necessary guarantees in order to prevent contravention by the opposing parties. This specifically means written declarations by the American president and by the European Union regarding ending of sanctions. In the declarations by the EU and the American president it has to be clearly stated that these sanctions are completely lifted. Any mention of continued retention of the structure of sanctions is considered a breach of the Bar-Jaam.

2nd. Throughout the entire 8-year term, any new sanctions on any level with any excuse (for example with the repetitive fake excuses of support for terrorism or human rights) pursued by any of the opposing countries in the negotiations will be considered a breach of the Bar-Jaam and the government is obligated to take the necessary steps according to Article 3 of the Majlis law and stop the activities of the Bar-Jaam.

3rd. The actions related to the two following points will only happen when the Agency [IAEA] has announced the end of the file relating to the current and past issue of PMD.

4th. Any actions concerning the renovation of the Arak factory with maintenance of its heavy-water identity, will only begin when there is a firm and secure contract concerning the plan of substitution with necessary guarantees having been secured.

5th. Any negotiations concerning the transfer of enriched uranium in return for yellow cake with foreign governments will only begin when a reliable contract in this regard together with necessary guarantees has been secured. Negotiations and transfers have to be done gradually and in multiple steps.

6th. According to the Majlis law, any plans and preliminary matters necessary for the medium-term development of the nuclear energy industry which includes the development plan in various periods from now until 15 years and resulting in 190,000 SWU has to be carefully produced and considered by the Supreme National Security Council. This plan has to conclusively deal with all concerns derived from some of the points mentioned in the appendices of the Bar-Jaam.

7th. The Atomic Organization has to research and develop on various levels in such a way that in the time of implementation at the end of the 8-year term, there will be no technical deficiencies for enrichment technology which will occur in compliance with the Bar-Jaam.

8th. Attention should be paid to the fact that in the ambiguities of the Bar-Jaam document, the interpretations of the opposing side are not acceptable and what is authoritative is the text of the negotiations.

9th. The existence of convolution and ambiguity in the text of the Bar-Jaam, the possibility of breach of promises as well as violation and deception from the opposing side- particularly America- makes it necessary to establish a strong, well-informed and intelligent group to monitor the development of matters and the implementation of promises from the opposing side as well as the realization of the matters stated above. The composition and duties of this group shall be determined and resolved in the Supreme National Security Council.

Considering what has been stated and with observance of the reminded matters, the resolution of meeting 634 of the Supreme National Security Council dated 94/5/19 is confirmed.

In closing, as has been reminded to His Excellency and other executive officials in numerous meetings and in public meetings with our dear people, ending sanctions as a matter of ending injustice and receiving the rights of the Iranian people is a necessary task, however economic growth, increasing welfare and ending current problems cannot happen but with serious pursuit of all dimensions of the economy of resistance.

It is hoped that caution is taken and this matter is pursued with complete seriousness- particularly the strengthening of national production should be given special attention. Caution should also be taken that the situation after the sanctions have ended does not result in uncontrolled imports- particularly importation of any sort of consumption goods from America, has to be seriously avoided.

I ask the Almighty for success, for Your Excellency and other officials.

Sayyid Ali Khamenei

October 21, 2015


  • 2016-01-19 00:24
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