ISIS qualifies for staging U.S.'s latest puppet show in the region

When it comes to staging proxy wars, the United States holds the record. No matter how often American officials claim to be engaged in a war on terror, the facts simply do not support that position.

Hossein Amini*

When it comes to staging proxy wars, the United States holds the record. The US has admitted to having armed Saddam to fight Iran during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war; they also funded and armed the Taliban to counter the Soviets in Afghanistan. The CIA provided the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan with billions of dollars of military aid against the Soviet Union(1). And the list goes on(2).

Al-Qaeda, Al- Nusrah Front, FSA (Free Syrian Army), ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and many other names should not be confusing; they are all Western backed mercenaries fighting proxy wars. ISIS is currently staging a theater of bloodshed and gore by killing Muslims and at the same time they are debasing the true image of Islam through unimaginably bestial acts. These groups provide American and European countries with a continuous flow of cheap oil, sold at below world market prices through gaining control over oil wells and refineries and selling the product in ‘Black Markets’. Finally and above all, these groups, notably ISIS, ensure Israel’s security(3). Who would have been able to guarantee these big American and European interests in the Middle East while allowing Americans and their allies to save face by keeping them away from another immediate war in the Middle East?

The US started to support the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA), an armed opposition against President Bashar Al-Assad, which later joined Al-Qaeda to form ISIS(4). US senators John McCain, Joseph Lieberman and Lindsey Graham said Washington should “directly and openly” provide assistance, including weapons, intelligence and training, to the insurgents in Syria(5). These three senators also pushed for a bill to arm ISIS terrorists(6). The FSA was branded by Mainstream Media as an army comprised of Syrian nationals and “moderate rebels” but this was not the case; all the members were foreigners(7) and they did the same heinous acts as ISIS. Later, they joined ISIS. American government officials asserted that they were arming moderate rebels;  under this  guise, they managed to arm terrorist groups in Syria. In the midst of these developments, the German intelligence disclosed plots(8) of CIA working closely with terrorists(9).

A similar plan had been attempted in 1957 to assassinate the then-Syrian President, Hafez al-Assad, accusing him of “spreading terrorism” and “preventing the West’s access to Middle East oil”. This plan consisted of arming “political factions with paramilitary or other actionist capabilities, while the CIA and MI6 “would instigate internal uprisings”(10).

With the help of US allies, Saudi Arabia(11), Qatar(12), Turkey(13) and Israel(14), who supplied them with a steady diet of money and arms, ISIS started to grow bigger.  Britain and France(15) were also among those who helped create ISIS(16), and training was supplied by the US (17).  ISIS follows the Wahhabi(18) or Salafi sect, which is hostile to both Shia and Sunni(19), as well as to other religions(20). In early news coverage of the atrocities, murdered Shias and Christians were shown to be the focus of the attacks. Even though the American propaganda machine frequently refers to ISIS combatants as extremist Sunnis in an attempt to keep Americans in a state of fear and distrust of all Muslims, Sunni leaders have issued verdicts calling all Sunni followers to fight against ISIS (21).  The crimes which ISIS commits against Sunnis (22)  is a clear indication that the conflicts generated by ISIS are not a sectarian issue of Sunnis against Shias, but rather Wahhabis against any groups, Christians or Muslims not following their deviant philosophy. This is aimed at countering the Iranian influence in the region.

Thomas McInerney, who is a retired, highly decorated United States Air Force Lieutenant General reported directly to the Secretary of Defense and to the Vice President of the United States, acknowledged in an interview with Fox News that the US support for the ‘wrong people’ in Syria as well as the weapons provided for the rebels in Benghazi, Libya led to the rise and empowerment of ISIS(23). On Obama administration’s policy to arm Syrian rebels against the Syrian government, he said:
“We backed I believe in some cases, some of the wrong people and not in the right part of the Free Syrian Army and that’s a little confusing to people, so I’ve always maintained….that we were backing the wrong types.”(24)

Edward Snowden, the former NSA employee and the whistleblower who exposed the reach of the US government’s espionage, said based on NSA classified documents which he had access to, that the American, British and Israeli intelligence services worked together to build the group known ISIS (also known as ISIL). Snowden further added that according to those documents, the only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders” (25).

The same documents also reveal that ISIS kingpin Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was trained by Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad. The Zionist regime not only helped build ISIS and trained its leaders, but also treated the wounded terrorists at their hospitals(26).

All those documents aside, if one takes into consideration the current threat that the Israeli regime is facing due to a growing hatred towards its brutal policies against the Palestinians, it would make sense for Israel- and of course for the United States as its mentor and benefactor- to establish ISIS in order to divert the attention of the Western world from Zionism to a fabricated image of "brutal Islam."(27)

When in October 2014, the media across the globe widely reported that the United States dropped weapons for ISIS in Iraq, the United States and its supporters claimed that it was just a mistake and the US. military intended to deliver them to Kurdish fighters, who at the time were locked in a fight with the ISIS terrorists over control of the Syrian border town of Kobane(28). However, as Melissa Melton puts it:

“... are they really going to claim intelligence failure when, thanks to former NSA contractor Edward Snowden's leaks, we now know we live in a world where the US government can suck up the communications data of an entire country at once?”(29)

Moreover, the incident happened more than once, so there is no reasonable defense for it to be interpreted as an intelligence failure. 

Majid al-Ghraoui, a member of the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi Parliament confirmed the incident and said:

“The information that has reached us in the security and defense committee indicates that an American aircraft dropped a load of weapons and equipment to the ISIS group militants at the area of al-Dour in the province of Salahuddin.”

He further added that:

“This incident is continuously happening and has also occurred in some other regions.”(30)

When all these facts are taken into consideration, there is no other conclusion but that the US administration lacks the will and determination (31) to fight ISIS (32). No matter how often American officials claim to be engaged in a war on terror, the facts simply don’t support that position. America and its allies are using a very powerful and sophisticated military machine in the Middle East, but they are not fighting against terrorist groups. In the Iranian fight against ISIS, Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani has the leading figure and he has his own assessment of the war situation: 

"Obama has not done a damn thing so far to confront Daesh: doesn't that show that there is no will in America to confront it?"(33)


*Hossein Amini has a MA in Media & Communication (Iran Broadcasting University). He served as IRIB anchor and has a good understanding of Middle Eastern politics.




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