• How did the prophet of Islam treat minorities? What does Quran command?

    How did the prophet of Islam treat minorities? What does Quran command?

    The contemporary era—according to what many claim in the east and the west of the planet—is the era of freedom of expression and belief. No one has the right to bully or annoy anyone else for their religious beliefs or rituals, and anyone, anywhere in the world, is free to live according to their religion as long as their beliefs do not harm others. However, today we witness, in many parts of the world, people are attacked and brutally murdered for their religion and creed. This includes the killings of the Yezidis and Christians by ISIS in Iraq, to the murder and harassment of Muslim women in UK and U.S. for their head covers, ...

A comparative look at treatment of minorities: Islam vs. West


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  • I am very happy to join this official website of our beloved rehbar
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    That's true my brother is a good observation
  • 2018-11-20 20:37
    jeremy hunt was in iran recently.he was min of health which sectioned people because of their religion.behind their “prevent” strategy is medication of dissidents,including muslims.it was introduced in 2004 ,a special police unit .other countries ,like luxembourg followed suit.so they complain about human rights in iran when they use zionist tactics to deal with religious minded people.they are afraid of a ayatollah doing in uk ,what happened in iran.