CIA meddled, plotted coups against any popular, anti-imperialist govt in Latin America

Which big crimes have not been committed by the U.S. rulers yet? How many sovereign governments have been overthrown by them? How many times has CIA used conspiracies and plots to intrude into Africa, Latin America or the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia—to topple an elected government with which they did not agree?

The vigilance of Latin American countries and their steadfastness in defending their rights are propitious events that will displease the superpowers." The arrogant powers will undoubtedly exert pressure on Bolivia, because they are opposed to such tendencies. However, resistance, maintaining high spirits and reliance on God will lead to the ultimate victory of the Bolivian nation

Sep 1, 2008

Latin American countries are, in fact, the strategic depth of Venezuela and Venezuela's ideals have led to the awakening of many nations in that region. This is the reason why America shows enmity to the government and people of Venezuela.

Jan 10, 2015

The dominance of powerful countries and the domineering powers as well as dividing the countries of the world into dominant and dominated countries is the greatest oppression towards the global community. That explains why the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been opposed to global hegemony. All countries that are against domination and resist being dominated by other countries are friends of the Islamic Republic. The people of Latin American countries have awakened and are after politicians who believe in national independence. The results of the elections held in Latin American countries during the recent years are a testimony to this awakening.

Jan 21, 2010

Simon Bolivar has always been considered the father of the Latin America and the symbol of popular resistance.

Nov 29, 2004

Venezuela’s influence on anti-arrogance movements in Latin America shows the high capacity of this country. Westerners are not willing to witness an increase in the activities of the Non-Aligned Movement, but independent countries should move in a direction opposite to their desires. If this happens, the future will undoubtedly become better than the past.”

Oct 22, 2016

The United States used to consider Latin America as its own backyard, but Venezuela’s unique movement managed to turn this region into an independent region, one that has a strong identity. The U.S. is pursuing the goal of destroying the inspiring resistance of the government and people of Venezuela. Today’s wars in the world are, in fact, wars of willpower. By showing resistance, strengthening your determination and benefitting from the many capacities of your country, you will be able to overcome the existing problems.

Nov 23, 2015


The day when, after the collapse of the hub of communism, the U.S. president of the time— George H. W. Bush — announced a New World Order, he actually exposed the old arrogant goals of the U.S. He revealed his true intentions, and the U.S.’s policy making system.

Of course, this was not only limited to that day; they had decided and announced since some decades ago that they would not let any other power get their hands on Latin America. Latin America was regarded as a region exclusively for the U.S. Later, this exclusiveness expanded to incorporate all the world. Nevertheless, initially they would not explicitly talk about it as their desired goal. When they felt there is no longer a super power like the Soviet Union to compete them, they announced their goals rather explicitly: a unipolar world; a new order in the world with a single power, dominant over the whole globe. This is a goal manifested by all the actions and policies of the U.S. during the past decades. The goal is to expand the military hegemony, and followed by a political and economic hegemony; precisely in line with the interests of the corporations which, indeed, determine policies of the U.S. government, and decide the directions to be taken. These facts are essential, because if the modern man knows about them, he/she can decide promptly. If people know what is going on around them, they will have the ability to decide and take a position. All the nations can realize great work.

Since the year 1945, the American government has played a role in overthrowing 40 independent governments that were not dependent on America, taking military action in more than 20 cases! In all of these cases, America's interference has always led to massacres and great tragedies. Of course they have been successful in some cases and unsuccessful in others. The atomic bombings of Japan at the end of World War II and the bloody Vietnam War are two examples of their failure. They also overthrew governments in Chile and Iran – "The 28 Mordad Coup" [1953 Coup against Mosadeq] – as well as other countries. All of these events were caused by great financial institutions, American tycoons, power thirsty parties, influential Zionist groups, and the individuals in charge who were morally and intellectually corrupt. They have a very disgraceful track record. These things are not insignificant. Americans do not care about human life, destruction of national wealth, justice, and human tragedies. None of these things are considered an obstacle in the way of Americans. Of course they are using their numerous propaganda machines and media facilities in order to save face. They try to cover up the tragedies they have caused through their media. They use their propaganda machines to portray themselves as supporters of peace, democracy, and human rights.


Ayatollah Khamenei, March 18, 2002



European colonizers domineered over many parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America; humiliated nations of these areas; robbed them off their culture, identity, and wealth. They even crushed their native languages, their writings, their traditions and history. They humiliated nations; exploited them, plundered their wealth, ruined their culture, stayed there as long as possible, and then left those places. I have seen some of these cases, heard some and read about the rest.

I refer to another example: the president of Peru, in Latin America, told me, during my presidency: “we have recently discovered a splendid civilization in our excavations in Peru.” He said: “for many years, colonizers dominated over Peru but they did not let the people, intellectuals and leaders of Peru learn that they had such a great civilization in the past!” That is, they even prevent the people from learning about their native history, and being proud of their past! October 5, 2000


Who would ever doubt that a government, like the government of the U.S., is a manifestation of corruption and malignancy? What malignant action you know in the world that they have not committed yet? You have seen, during all these years, in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, in the sea or in the deserts—wherever the Americans felt they can have some benefits, and those benefits are achieved by killing some people— they did not hesitate. At the same time, they chant slogans in favor of human rights. Devils of the world have always been the same.

Which big crimes have not been committed by the U.S. rulers yet? How many sovereign governments have been overthrown by them? How many times has the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used conspiracies and plots to intrude into Africa, Latin America or the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia—where they thought it was necessary to topple an elected government with which they did not agree? There are many examples of such cases. The current U.S. President—George H.W. Bush, who used to run as the head of the Intelligence system of the U.S. — knows very well what this organization has done. He himself might have been involved in committing some of these crimes: exploitation of nations, attacking nations, disinformation, promoting corruption in the world, bamboozling the masses from various social classes even within the U.S. These are examples [as evidence] of the actions that the U.S. authorities and other cruel and ruthless powerful figures have done.

March 22, 1990




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    Enemies will have been trying to meddle in upcoming next election and they will put their soul to change/disturb or to regime change(not much sure) when Iran will be electing her new supreme leader. That time they will meddle useing social media and iranian diaspora.