Qom's People

Imam Khamenei to speak to the people of Qom via videoconference

There will be a live broadcast of the Leader’s speech with the people of Qom on the anniversary of the January 9th uprising.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution will give a live, televised speech on the anniversary of the people of Qom’s uprising against the oppressive Pahlavi regime, which was conducted on January 9, 1977.

This speech will be broadcast live on TV, on the KHAMENEI.IR website, on pages in the social network, on the IRIB1 channel and over Iranian radio at 10:00 AM (6:30 AM GMT) on Sunday, January 9, 2022. The speech of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the anniversary of this uprising, was held every year in the presence of thousands of people from Qom in the Hussainiyah of Imam Khomeini in the past. But due to the necessity of observing health guidelines this year, it will be held by way of videoconference. The people of Qom will be present in the Imam Khomeini (ra) Hall in the holy shrine of Lady Masumeh (pbuh) in Qom.