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Nurses are a source of security for all

On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Lady Zeinab Kubra (peace be upon her) and Nurse’s Day a number of nurses and the families of martyred health professionals met with the Leader of the Revolution on Sunday morning, December 12, 2021.

Expressing his congratulations on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Lady Zeinab and Nurse’s Day, Imam Khamenei highlighted some of the qualities of that Muslim lady by saying, “The great lady of Karbala proved to all of humanity and history that a woman can be an enormous ocean of patience and tolerance and be a great peak of wisdom and prudence despite all the efforts of the short-sighted in the past and at the present time-including the tyrannical West-to humiliate women.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution explained that Lady Zeinab’s effort for narration and explanation was another aspect of her wisdom and prudence, and he added, “With her true, influential, lasting narration of the event of Karbala, that great lady did not allow the enemy's narration to have the opportunity to overcome reality.”

His Eminence remarked the need to present a true picture of the realities of society, the history of the Revolution, the Sacred Defense and various events that have taken place over the past 42 years and stated, “If this is not done, and it has not been done in many cases, the enemy will justify its distorted, false narrative in the current public opinion, and it will justify its continuous oppressive actions by changing the places of the oppressor and the oppressed. Imam Khamenei stated that one example of showing negligence with regards to the needed effort for the clarification and narration of the truth is about the event related to the capturing of the Den of Espionage during the beginning of the Revolution. He explained, “If you do not narrate the event of the capturing of the Den of Espionage, which you have not done unfortunately, the enemy will do this in the same way that it has already done so. And they will give false narrations. We must provide (true) narrations of the events. This is the duty of our young people.

In praising the status of nurses and in describing the job of nursing as being a stage of monotheistic wayfaring, Imam Khamenei stressed that nurses are a source of safety. He said, “The nursing profession brings a feeling of surety. Whose surety? Firstly, that of the patient. Secondly, that of his family. And thirdly, that of all the people in society.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed out that history proves that global arrogance takes delight in the suffering of the Iranian nation. Imam Khamenei referred to the help offered by most Western countries to Saddam for dropping chemical weapons on Iran and for causing deep pain and suffering in the Iranian border cities. He also referred to issues such as “imposing sanctions on medicines for the Iranian nation.” He explained, “God showed mercy to us, because our youth were able to produce a vaccine for the Coronavirus. They (the enemies) witnessed that if they shut the door to Iran and prevent it from importing vaccines, Iran will produce them on its own. If our scientists had not produced this vaccine, it was not clear how this vaccine would reach the Iranian nation. They take delight in the sufferings of the Iranian nation.”

He continued on to say, “Considering these realities, when nurses bring a smile to the lips of patients and their families with their diligence and self-sacrifice, they are in fact fighting against the spiteful Arrogant Powers. This shows the increasing value of the nursing community in Islamic Iran.”

Addressing the artists in society, His Eminence pointed out that we face a lack of narrations about the sacrifices and difficulties of the nurses' work. He stated that the nurses’ work has a spirit of drama in it and asked artists to create attractive artistic works by narrating the nurses’ work.

Imam Khamenei stressed the importance of the issue of the nurses’ demands and he stated, “In sum, the nurses’ main demand is the strengthening of the nursing community, which is necessary for the present and future of the country. We should not look at nurses like laborers on a seasonal contract.”

At the end of his statements, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that trust in God Almighty – in other words, working hard while trusting in the promise of divine assistance in all the affairs of life and of the country – solves all the problems. He expressed the hope that the future will be better than today and that God will help the Iranian nation be victorious and proud in all areas of confrontation with the enemies.