commendation of the book “Cry Alone”

Imam Khamenei’s commendation of the book “Cry Alone”

On September 1980, immediately after the Islamic Revolution, Iran entered an imposed war started by Saddam Hussein and supported by many Western powers. This war lasted for eight years and constitutes an important part of the history and identity of the Iranian people and Islamic Revolution. The book “Cry Alone”, which Imam Khamenei described as “superb”, narrates the memories of the mothers of the Iranian unknown martyrs during the eight-year Sacred Defense. The text of Imam Khamenei’s commendation follows:

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

I read this amazing book with enthusiasm and eagerness, and my eyes and heart were washed with my tears when reading it. Everything in this book is superb. The narration, the narrator, the writing and the style used in compiling the material are all superb. Moreover, there is the martyr spoken about in this book and Imam Hussain’s affectionate look toward him and his mother with utter magnificence and sublimity. There is no spiritual asset better than this for the country, the nation and the Revolution. Another valuable asset is the power of the eloquent writing, as depicted in this story of motherly love. The author should be sincerely thanked.

February 28, 2021


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