Imam Khamenei appointed Dr. Peyman Jebeli as the head of the IRIB

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has issued a decree appointing Dr. Peyman Jebeli to head the IRIB. The text of this decree follows:

Dear Dr. Peyman Jebeli (may your achievements continue),

Now that Dr. Ali Asgari’s period of hardworking responsibility, which was filled with the tireless, sympathetic endeavors of this believing, sincere manager, has come to an end, I hereby appoint you as the director of this organization. You have the necessary religious and revolutionary competence, expertise, and lengthy experience in managing the IRIB. Furthermore, you are aware of the nature, performance, and duties of the national media,

The national media is (like) a college for improving the level of the public’s awareness and knowledge, an arena for confronting the hostile waves of distortion and sedition, a place of rest for everyone’s eyes and hearts to enjoy manifestations of beauty and art, and a base for spreading hope and happiness in the general atmosphere of the country.

Cultural direction, strengthening spirits and a sense of national and revolutionary identity, promotion of the Islamic-Iranian lifestyle and increasing national solidarity are among the priorities that need to be achieved by uplifting human resources, improving the quality of programs, using innovative ideas and working day and night.

I believe it to be my duty to sincerely thank Dr. Asgari for his tireless efforts during his term of responsibility, which rightfully deserves appreciation. I advise you continue the long-term, unfinished plans developed during his term of responsibility. I ask God, the Almighty, for your success.


Sayyid Ali Khamenei

September 29, 2021