Military Uniform

The exhibition “In Military Uniform" opened

The exhibition “In Military Uniform”, which draws on Imam Khamenei’s account of the Imposed War, was opened this morning in the presence of President Raisi, in the Museum of the Sacred Defense.

In this permanent exhibition, unpublished parts of Imam Khamenei’s documents about his actions and correspondence during the Sacred Defense are presented to the audience for the first time. These documents recount parts of Imam Khamenei's endeavors and missions during the war, and we can see his military command during the Imposed War.

In modern history, the terms “the Imposed War” or “Sacred Defense” describe the eight-year defense in the face of Saddam Hussein Ba’ath regime’s invasion and assault against the Islamic Republic of Iran on September 22, 1980. Although in invading Iran Saddam received considerable support from many Western countries during the Imposed War, which lasted for eight years, not an inch of Iran’s territory was lost to the enemy.