President Rouhani and his cabinet meeting

Being able to serve people is a divine blessing

In his speech on July 28, 2021, Imam Khamenei considered the opportunity to serve the people to be a divine blessing. He said that in appreciation of this blessing, one should do his best to serve the people. KHAMENEI.IR is publishing this part of his speech here.

You should know that whoever acted for the purpose of serving God and the public, this will not be forgotten in the divine office. It is possible that someone made an endeavor and went to great lengths over an issue, but that no one knows about it and that it has not been registered anywhere. However, you should know that the supreme angels of God are aware of it and Allah the Omniscient knows everything. Whoever has genuinely worked for God and for serving public interests should know that their endeavors have not been in vain and they will hopefully be rewarded by Allah the Exalted. This is the real provision. This is the real provision that one can garner during one’s responsibility.

Materialistic people use managerial, ministerial and other important positions to amass worldly possessions, secure a place and build a future for themselves somewhere. As you see, this is common in the world, but it is not common in the Islamic religion and culture. One’s provision is a spiritual one. I have written down one of the Commander of the Faithful’s comments to Malik al-Ashtar. In the beginning of the edict, which as you know is long and detailed, he says to Malik, “the best collection with you should be the collection of good deeds”. In other words, you should do good deeds, work for God, do hard work and keep it as your provision for Judgment Day. Allah the Exalted will keep this provision for you in complete safety. This is the issue. You should pay attention to this. Whether the likes of us know or not, whether we thank God for it or not, those who work for God and who do good deeds will see their provision protected by God.

In any case, the opportunity to render services is a blessing. The fact that you and I have found the opportunity to serve the people is a great blessing from God. There are many individuals who want to serve the people, but who do not have the capability to do so. For example, they need money to serve the people, but they do not have it or they need physical strength, social influence and an influential position, but they do not have these. You who enjoyed an influential position should appreciate its value. This is a great blessing granted to us by God and every blessing requires gratitude. The way to express our gratitude is to use all our power for God, for His cause and for obeying His orders and in our own country and our society for advancing the goals of the Revolution. This is the basis. [ Jul 28, 2021 ]