Imam Khamenei

Imam Khamenei received the first dose of the Iranian Covid vaccine

On June 25, 2021, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution received the first dose of the Iranian Covid vaccine. Previously, Imam Khamenei had set 2 conditions for him being vaccinated: first, that he would not receive the vaccination out of turn; second, that he would only receive an Iranian vaccine. For this reason, when the first phase of the vaccination of Iranians aged 80 and above started, he did not receive the foreign vaccine and waited for the Iranian one.

Imam Khamenei received the first dose of the COVIran Barakat vaccine this morning June 25, 2021. This vaccine, which is the result of the efforts of Iranian young researchers and scientists. Now Iran is among the six countries in the world that are able to manufacture COVID-19 vaccine.

After he received the vaccine, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution expressed his gratitude to all those who gave the country this national honor and this prestigious work with their knowledge and experience and scientific efforts stating: “I am truly grateful to all those who worked hard using their knowledge and experience and who made scientific and practical efforts to provide the country with such a great, prestigious capability, i.e. the Covid vaccine. Once again, I would also like to thank Dr. Namaki, the honorable Minister of Health, and all those who were involved in this endeavor. I thank Dr. Mokhber for his hard work and effort.”

Referring to the insistence on him to receive an injection of vaccine in the last few months, Imam Khamenei pointed out: “first of all, I was not willing to use a non-Iranian vaccine. Therefore, I said I would wait for the Iranian vaccine because we should appreciate this national honor and as long as there is the opportunity for prevention and cure inside the country, why shouldn’t we use it?”

He added, of course whenever it is necessary, using a foreign vaccine along with the Iranian one is alright, but we should respect the Iranian vaccine and thank all Iranian young and hard-working scientists active in manufacturing this vaccine and other centers in the country that are busy manufacturing it.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution further stated: “Besides my insistence on using the Iranian vaccine, I also insisted on receiving the injection on the due date; today, thank God, most of the people over 80, who are at the same age as me, have received the vaccine.”

Following that, Dr. Namaki, the Minister of Health and Medical Education expressed his gratitude to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and referred to the good management of the fourth peak of the corona virus in the country compared to other countries and registration of the Iranian model of treatment saying: with regard to the vaccine, from the very beginning good measures were taken for purchasing vaccine and transmission of technical knowledge and the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order also had a very good cooperation not only in the case of (manufacturing) the vaccine, but also in supplying masks and ventilators.

Referring to the Americans falling into disrepute by apparently claiming that there are no limitations on transferring equipment and medicines into Iran, Dr. Namaki added: “After we issued the license for using the (Iranian) vaccine, the American president announced that the (American) vaccine could be provided to Iran, which showed they have lied in their previous statements.”

The Minister of Health stated: “By the end of August, vulnerable groups, patients with incurable diseases, and the people over 60 will receive the vaccine and after that school students and staff will be next in turn.”

Dr. Namaki told about the activities of a special group for registering the scientific documents and records of different vaccines that are being produced inside the country and present them to the international organizations.

With regard to the required observances after receiving the vaccine, Dr. Namaki mentioned: “Masks still need to be used because the vaccine reduces the possibility of being severely infected by the disease but there is still a possibility of infection.”

Mr. Mokhber, the Head of the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order, referred to receiving the injection of the vaccine by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution as a unique event and a practical example of national self-confidence and reliance on the youth and the efforts of more than 200 young scientist with an average age of 30.

Referring to the efforts of knowledge-based companies in mass production of ventilators and medicines such as Remdesivir, Mr. Mokhber said: “By the end of September, a major part of the country’s need for the vaccine will be satisfied.”



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