Imam Khamenei to receive Iranian vaccine in the next few days

In an interview with KHAMENEI.IR, the Head of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Alireza Marandi, announced that the Leader of the Islamic Revolution would receive his first injection of the Iranian Corona vaccine in the coming days.

The Head of the Academy of Medical Sciences announced that the Ministry of Health and Medical Education has issued a license to administer the Iranian vaccine “CovIran Barakat.” He explained, "The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has placed great emphasis on use of “the Iranian” vaccine. This vaccine is the result of the hard work of young Iranian scientists and brings a high level of immunity.”

In stating that Imam Khamenei did not have any objections to being vaccinated from the very beginning of the Corona pandemic, Dr. Marandi said, “However, he had two important conditions for being vaccinated. First, he does not wish to be vaccinated out of turn. Secondly, he said that he would only use Iranian vaccines. For this reason, when the vaccination of our compatriots over the age of 80 started, he refused to receive the foreign vaccine and waited for the Iranian vaccine.”

Dr. Marandi added, “The first injection of CovIran Barakat will be administered to the Leader while the first phase of the vaccination of our compatriots aged 80 years and above has started in May and June 2021 after the importation of foreign vaccines.”

According to the officials at the Ministry of Health, several domestic centers are conducting research for the production of Iranian vaccines. Due to the successful results of clinical and safety trials and the effectiveness of two domestic vaccines, their widespread, voluntary use will soon begin in the country.

It is worth mentioning that CovIran Barakat was produced by young Iranian researchers who graduated from universities inside the country. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the sixth country in the world after India, China, Britain, the United States and Russia and the first country in West Asia to acquire the ability to produce a vaccine for the prevention of Covid-19.

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