Imam Khamenei

Worshiping and connecting with God should start at a young age

My dear ones, preserving religion and piety is easier for you than the likes of us. You should know this. When we were young, there was a scholar in Mashhad who was a close friend of my father’s. And he was very old. At that time, he was in the same age that I am now and I was young then. He loved us. He used to advise us to appreciate the value of our youth. He used to say that even praying belongs to youth, not to the elderly. This was strange and surprising for us. Well, praying belongs to the elderly, but he said that even praying belongs to youth. In the present time, everyone can feel this. Notice that your hearts become soft and enlightened so easily. You shed tears so easily and you easily establish close relations with God. This is very valuable.

[Jul 2, 2016]


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