What did the US do with the last Iranian king?

The grave mistake that some countries make is to ask the US to provide them with national security. They do not have the capability and determination to do it on their own, nor do they have a correct understanding of international issues. The result is that they spend billions and they are humiliated and insulted and in sensitive times, their security is not ensured in any way. In sensitive times, the person on whom they had pinned their hope stops supporting them.

You witnessed that following the incident taking place in Egypt, Tunisia and other such countries, the US stopped supporting them despite the fact that those at the top of power in those countries were loyal to the US. What could they have done in the face of the people and their movement? The same thing happened to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. When he fled the country, he wanted to stay in the US for a while, but the Americans threw him out and he was forced to go to Panama and to such and such countries. The Americans did not keep him there. He had worked for them so hard and he had rendered so many services to them, hoping that they would help him. When we pin our hopes on others, this is what happens. When we rely on our own power and ask God for help, when we wish to ensure national security on our own, the result will be the kind of dignity that the Islamic Republic thankfully enjoys. Therefore, the enemy’s miscalculations, which I referred to, is an important point.

[Feb 7, 2021]


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