Death due to cold & an unclear justice in the country of legendary riches

Following recent events in Texas and the death of several people due to the cold in this state, which belongs to one of the richest, most developed countries in the world, Khamenei.ir is publishing a selection of Imam Khamenei's statements. These statements explain the relationship between "justice" and "wealth and progress" in such governments.

Another standard for progress is justice. If a country makes progress in science, technology and different other manifestations of materialistic civilization but fails to establish social justice, that country has not made genuine progress from the viewpoint of Islam and the Islamic Republic. Today in many countries, there has been progress in science, industry and different other areas, but the gap between different social classes has grown wider. The progress they have made is not genuine progress. That kind of progress is superficial. When a small number of people receive the largest share of material benefits in a country while some people die of heat and cold in the streets, justice is meaningless in that country. We read in the news that in summer people die of heat in different cities of America. Why do people die of heat? Is there any reason other than the fact that they are homeless? They have nowhere to live in. The wealthiest people in the world and the most powerful companies, cartels and trusts are in America. Weapons trade profits America more than any other country. However, in a country with all that wealth, people die of heat in summer and cold in winter. This means that there is no justice there. They might show certain forms of justice in their movies or make up stories about justice, but what they show in movies is very different from the truth. There are such serious problems in countries whose economic system is capitalistic and carry the label "liberalism". This is a fact of life in America.

[Oct 13, 2012]


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