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The common western view of women entails turning them into commodities & objects

The annual ceremony for the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) is being held in Tehran's Grand Mosalla mosque. A group of eulogists met with the Leader of the Revolution today (Wednesday) February 3, 2021, via videoconference.

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Hazrat Zahra (pbuh), Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, stated, “Contrary to the Western view of women, which looks at women as commodities and objects, Islam considers women to be respectable beings with divine values.”

On the blessed anniversary of the birth of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her), the Leader of the Islamic Revolution participated in a videoconference with a number of eulogists of the Ahlul Bayt (the Holy Prophet’s Household) this Wednesday morning. He described Hazrat Seddiqah al-Tahirah [one of Hazrat Zahra’s epithets] as being the embodiment of the highest Islamic concepts concerning being a woman, mother, and wife, “Islam and the Islamic Republic’s outlook toward women is that of praise and respect, whereas westernized individuals commonly look at them as commodities and objects.”

He stressed, “In Islam, there is no difference between men and women in terms of divine, human values. Of course, in addition to similar duties, men and women each have special duties. Thus, God the Almighty has created their physical structure in accordance with these special duties.”

His Eminence added, “We are proud of the Islamic viewpoint, whereas we totally object to the western view of women and lifestyle.”

Referring to western propaganda about Islam and Islamic Hijab impeding women’s growth, Imam Khamenei said, “This is a blatant lie, and the obvious reason for it being wrong is women’s situation in the Islamic Republic.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution went on to state, “In no other historical period in Iran have we had such a large number of educated women active in various social, cultural, artistic, scientific, political and economic areas. All of this has been achieved thanks to the Islamic Republic.”

His Eminence added, “According to the Islamic viewpoint, the strongest foundation for intellectual and spiritual training is the family nucleus. It is in this nucleus that the ground for the true growth of women in various fields is provided.”

He also stressed the need to preserve Islamic manners in speaking and to avoid using offensive words and slandering each other in the media and cyberspace.

Imam Khamenei expressed his congratulations on Hazrat Zahra’s birth anniversary while pointing to the lofty status of women and mothers. He also offered his congratulation on the birth anniversary of Imam Khomeini and also the anniversary of the blessed Ten Days of Dawn Celebrations. Imam Khamenei referred to the personality of Hazrat Zahra, her prominent role as the dear daughter of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) and also her role as the wife of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) and the mother of four shining suns, who were the inheritors of the Holy Prophet’s legacy. He continued by saying, “During her life, she faced many ups and downs and unique trials and hardships. But she was exemplary in all areas, including: being a wife and mother, raising children, struggling for the sake of God, enjoining good and forbidding evil, worshiping and serving God, and showing sincerity. She showed that a woman can reach the highest rank of infallibility.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described Hazrat Zahra, Hazrat Ali, and their dear children as being a perfect example of an Islamic family. He said that by following their lead – their sense of cooperation, unanimity, sincerity and diligence – we can help the Islamic community to reach a peak.”

His Eminence added, “Sometimes, hearts become anxious due to some matters. But they should not become upset because the signs of the Ahlul Bayt’s sincerity, spirit of cooperation and genuine diligence can easily be seen in the Islamic Republic. The comprehensiveness of a Basiji spirit, the services rendered by the martyrs in nuclear sciences without anyone knowing about these services, the endeavors made by jihadi groups, the thousands of young forces in cultural and scientific fields as well the beautiful scenes created by nurses and physicians in combatting the Coronavirus are in fact instances of following that same roadmap.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that the Islamic view of women prepares the way for highlighting the pivotal role of the family and the mother, and he emphasized that the strongest foundations for intellectual and spiritual training and the truest environments of sincerity and warmth are formed in the family nucleus, “However, western propaganda machines and unfortunately some westernized individuals inside the country are trying to eliminate and undermine the pivotal role of the mother in the family.”


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