Imam Khamenei

Martyrdom was a reward for Fakhrizadeh's exceptional endeavors & sincerity

Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met with the family of the eminent Iranian Martyr Fakhrizadeh, who was an outstanding scientist in the fields of Nuclear Sciences and Defense, on Monday evening.

Imam Khamenei praised Martyr Fakhrizadeh’s exceptional ability in scientific and technical areas and the diligent participation of that outstanding scientist in both science and in action. The Leader stated, “The high status of martyrdom that God bestowed on this great personage was the reward for his exceptional endeavors and sincerity, and such a status is incomparable with any other worldly status.”

His Eminence considered Martyr Fakhrizadeh’s greatness in the eyes of the public and the fact that many of the youth regret not having known him during his lifetime to be another sign of his sincerity. Furthermore, he said, “The wives of martyrs share in the rewards that martyrs receive. We ask God to shower His patience and tranquility on your hearts so that you may continue your movement in line with that martyr’s status, God willing.”

In this visit, Martyr Fakhrizadeh’s wife and children expressed their gratitude for the kind, instructive message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution after the assassination of that great personage. They also stressed the need to clarify the ideological orientation of martyrs in the area of scientific Jihad and to promote their status as role models.