Imam Khamenei

Three vital lessons from Jesus (pbuh) for all Christians and Muslims

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution considers the birth of Jesus Christ to have been the birth of mercy and blessings for the world for a people who were overwhelmed with ignorance, corruption, deprivation and discrimination due to the domination of Arrogant Powers. On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ (pbuh) reviews some of the lessons taught by Jesus (pbuh) as found in the words of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, which were addressed to Christians and Muslims in all parts of the world.

"When the angels said: O Marium, surely Allah gives you good news with a Word from Him (of one) whose name is the '. Messiah, Isa son of Marium, worthy of regard in this world and the hereafter and of those who are made near (to Allah)." [Holy Qur'an 3:45]

I congratulate all the Christians of the world as well as all Muslims on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of Jesus Christ. [Dec. 24, 2019]

The birth of Jesus Christ was the birth of mercy and blessings for the world for a people who were overwhelmed with darkness, ignorance, corruption, deprivation and discrimination due to the domination of Arrogant Powers and the pressure exerted by destructive regimes. Jesus Christ’s message was to save people from all of this. [July 1, 1985]


1. Jesus (pbuh) fought against Global Arrogance and promoted justice and monotheism

Jesus Christ, who is the manifestation of divine attributes, raised the flag of guiding and saving humans at a time when ignorance, injustice, and inattention to human values were prevalent. He stood up to oppressing powers – which were dependent on their wealth and power – and he promoted justice, mercy, and monotheism. Today those who believe in that great prophet – Muslims and Christians – should follow the teachings and the path of divine prophets and try to promote human virtues on the basis of the teachings of these prophets. [Dec. 28, 1991]

The oppressive powers of the world, especially in the last hundred years, have exerted pressure in opposition to spirituality and lofty human values in the life of human society. This has resulted in moral corruption, addiction, nudity, destruction of the foundation of the family, increased exploitation, widening the gap between wealthy and poor nations, social injustice, disregard for human dignity, the production of deadly weapons, and an increase in mass killings. Science, like man, has fallen victim to the removal of spirituality and disregard for religious values. If Jesus Christ was among us today, he would not miss a single moment to fight against the ringleaders of oppression and arrogance. He would not tolerate the hunger and helplessness of millions of people who are being led towards war and corruption by the superpowers of the world. [December. 28, 1991]


2. Jesus Christ did not hesitate for a moment in fighting that which was wrong and inviting toward that which was right

Jesus Christ was equipped with the power of performing miracles and carried a divine message for humanity which saved them from the darkness of polytheism, atheism, ignorance, and oppression and guided them towards justice, knowledge and worshipping God. He never hesitated to fight evil and call people to piety throughout his life.

And this is the lesson that all Christians and Muslims who believe in the prophethood of Jesus Christ should learn. Today humanity is in need of these teachings more than ever before. And Islam which is a complement to real Christianity has put calling humanity to piety and moral perfection high on its priority list. Making use of the great powers of nature through their God-given knowledge, misguided humans tend to tread a different path, and this makes the duty of the followers of divine faiths even heavier.

The domineering powers and governments of the world have made life difficult for nations and individuals and do not refrain from inflicting any type of oppression on them. They do these things in the name of Christianity. These powers are in fact totally unaware of the teachings of Jesus Christ. [January 3, 1994]


3. In order to follow Jesus Christ (pbuh), it is necessary to support the truth and to despise the powers that oppose the truth

Jesus Christ called on people to follow the path of God which is the path of prosperity for human beings. And he warned people against pursuing carnal desires and undermining their spiritual purity through engaging in evil deeds and oppressing others.

The corrupt and bullying powers that are dependent on wealth and power persecuted that divine prophet and leveled insults against him. They even tried to take his life. And when God saved the life of Jesus Christ, these powers inflicted several years of horrible torture on the disciples and followers of Jesus Christ. They were trying to put an end to the teachings of Jesus Christ which were against corruption, oppression, polytheism, causing war, deceiving people, and pursuing carnal desires.

Those corrupt and oppressive powers who pursued carnal desires caused wars against people and deceived them could not tolerate the existence of divine faiths and prophets and those who followed the path of God. Even today, such powers cannot tolerate the servants of God, the followers of God's religion and those who support the truth. Following Jesus Christ entails advocating the truth and abhorring the powers that oppose the truth. It is hoped that Christians and Muslims throughout the world will adhere to this great lesson from Jesus Christ in their lives and deeds. [Jan. 2, 1995]



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