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Iranophobia: The US ploy for selling weapons to Arab countries

A wave of distortions against Iran can be seen in western media these days. One of their goals in depicting this distorted picture is to intensify “Iranophobia” throughout the region and the world. Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, has repeatedly referred to the issue of Iranophobia and highlighted the fact that Washington uses the ploy of Iranophobia to sell weapons to Arab countries and to cause the Muslims to become neglectful of the Zionist regime.

Iranophobia; the US ploy of Iranophobia to sell weapons to Arab countries

Today, western media air a wave of distortion against Iran. One of their presumed goals in depicting this distorted picture is to intensify “Iranophobia” throughout the West-Asia region and worldwide. Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, has repeatedly pointed to the issue of Iranophobia and highlighted the fact that Washington uses the ploy of Iranophobia to sell weapons to Arab countries and to make Muslims neglectful of the Zionist regime.

Nations do not hold animosity against Iran. Not even Western nations hold enmity against Iran. They might spread propaganda to promote Iranophobia and Islamophobia. They might propagate Islamophobia in certain places and Iranophobia and Shia-phobia in other places. They might make such efforts, but wherever the truth becomes clear to the people, not only will they not show enmity towards the Islamic Republic, but they will also embrace and support such movements by nations. It is the oppressive powers and the pharaohs of the world that show enmity. This enmity is like that which Pharaoh showed towards Musa [Moses]. He knew that Moses was right. He knew that. [Jan 9, 2019]


The US spreads Iranophobia to prevent Islamic countries from uniting

Primarily, we Muslims should understand that we have one responsibility towards non-Muslims – the responsibility of introducing Islam to them – and one responsibility towards ourselves. We ourselves should understand why arrogant and bullying powers in the world show enmity towards Islam. We should understand this. Today, Islamic governments should pay attention that the reason why the US cooperates with one Islamic government but shows hostility towards another is that they want them to avoid cooperating and uniting. They want them to fail in identifying their common interests. This is why they do that.

Unfortunately, the US has been successful in its policy of creating discord in our region. This is a source of regret. Their hands are in the pockets of some governments in order to loot their resources. In order to make this easy, they create discord between them. They introduce the Islamic Republic, Iran or Shia as "enemy" in order to be able to loot them. These are the common policies of those powers which are headed by the US. All of us should understand and feel this and we should stand up against it. Standing up against this means creating unity and solidarity among Islamic countries. [Apr 25, 2017]


Arrogance creates discord among the Muslims in order to protect the Zionist regime

Today, arrogant powers create discord among Muslims in the word of Islam in order to reach their arrogant goals and cover up their own problems. They promote Shiaphobia and Iranophobia in order to preserve the usurping Zionist regime and resolve - in some way - the contradictions which have inflicted a defeat on arrogant policies in the region. They find the solution in creating discord among Muslims. Well, this should be seen and this should be understood. This is what competent and outstanding personalities are expected to do. [May 27, 2014]


Nations fear US dominance, not Iran

All nations throughout the world know the people of Iran to be a brave, honest, intelligent and resisting people despite the fact that many efforts have been made and many propaganda tools have been used against the Islamic Republic. For a while, the propaganda and political networks of the enemies of the people of Iran focused all their efforts on creating Iranophobia. Some of them focused their efforts on creating Islamophobia and some of them on Iranophobia. Nevertheless, the popularity of the people of Iran increased among nations throughout the world.

Today, not only the masses of the people but also those outstanding personalities who do not have malicious motives have such a viewpoint about the people of Iran. If you take a look at their statements, you will see that this is their opinion about the people of Iran: a resisting, intelligent and patient people. This is the way they look at the people of Iran. This is the result of their Iranophobia policies.

Nations are not anxious about the Islamic Republic and the people of Iran. Rather, they are anxious about the domination of America. It is America that is known for bullying, interfering in the affairs of other countries and waging wars. Peoples throughout the world know America to be a warmongering and belligerent government which interferes in the affairs of other countries. It is America which nations are intimidated by and which they hate.

By Allah's favor, the Islamic Republic has become more enlightened and the people of Iran have become more dignified on a daily basis. And this will continue in the future. [Feb 8, 2014]


The US regime uses the ploy of Iranophobia to sell weapons to Arab countries

Since the first day of the Revolution, the efforts of the propagandists and politicians of the Arrogant Powers has been aimed at frightening the countries bordering the Persian Gulf of the Islamic Republic in order to sell them weapons and to be able to have military bases there. I wonder whether it is not the time for the hearts and minds in these countries to come to their senses and realize that America does not want to serve their interests. Shouldn’t they understand that the intention of the United States and the Zionist propagandists all over the world - who are addressing them – is to come to the Persian Gulf, establish a military presence, gain illegitimate economic profits for themselves, and if they can, put pressure on the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation?
The government, the nation, and all of the officials have repeatedly stated that the Islamic Republic has no intention for aggression against neighboring countries. This has been proven since the beginning of the Revolution. Eighteen years have passed since the formation of the Revolution. Who have we attacked so far? When have we shot our weapons at the neighboring borders? We have been shot at, but during this time we have done nothing but defend ourselves. [Feb. 9, 1997]



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