Imam Khamenei

European leaders should be ashamed for being so influenced by Zionists

Our power is the reason why there is so much uproar against the Islamic Republic. Imam Khomeini (may God bestow paradise on him) once asked: "If the Islamic Republic is not important, why are you deploying your forces against it? If it is not important, why are you making so many efforts to confront it?" This shows that the Islamic Republic is powerful. They created uproar over the position that our president adopted a few days go. Of course, this was not their first time. They have done these things many times. Around ten, eleven years ago, they created uproar over the murder of Yitzhak Rabin after our President made a comment. They created uproar over this, asking why the president of the Islamic Republic expressed happiness over the murder of Israel's prime minister. The first thing one feels is shame before humanity in place of the European and Western leaders. But it is these leaders who should feel ashamed for being so heavily influenced by the Zionists. [Oct. 30, 2005]


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  • 2020-12-11 06:04
    Dear Mr.Khamenei; Hope this note finds you in a great state of health while keeping up your great work for betterment of our people,, Humbly I want to recommend you start addressing people and not government when it comes to western nations While doing so, please also address the changes that has been made to their laws in order to protect the zionists and that how they have took over their justice system,,, I believe if we repeat this over and over while asking g our allies to fo the same, within a decade or so we will succeed in our task,,, best wishes for your health and long lasting life to lead our nation to where we belong. Long live Iran
  • 2020-12-13 20:18
    #Live long Islamic republic Iran under leadership of Walia Amar-e-muslimeen Syed Khamanei till reappearance of Imam-al-Asr #