The invincibility of the Yemeni nation and Ansarullah against the invasion of Al-Saud

Saudi Arabia started a devastating military offensive against its southern neighbor in March 2015 in collaboration with a number of allied countries, and with arms support from America, Israel and certain European countries. The purported aim was to return the Riyadh-backed former regime of Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to power and to defeat the Houthi Ansarullah national movement that took control after the resignation of the then president and his government. The UN refers to the situation in Yemen as being the world's worst humanitarian crisis, with more than half of their hospitals destroyed or closed due to the attacks of the Saudi-led coalition. The people of this country are under a brutal economic siege and suffer from a lack of food and health facilities. is publishing Imam Khamenei's statements in this regard.

The Yemeni nation’s resistance has confounded the US and its allies

The nations who have a certain thought, identity and motivation are reliant on God. They rely on Allah and Allah the Exalted will help them: “If the Unbelievers should fight you, they would certainly turn their backs. Then would they find neither protector nor helper. Such has been the practice of Allah already in the past: no change will you find in the practice of Allah” [The Holy Quran, 48: 22-23]. This is a divine tradition. If Muslims stand firm, they will achieve victory over all the apparatuses of Taghuti and arrogant powers.

Today, the people of Yemen are enduring the hardest tortures by the Saudi government, its followers and the US – its main supporter – but you should know that the people of Yemen and Ansarullah will certainly be victorious! They will not be defeated. The people of Palestine will not be defeated. The only way is resistance. What has made the US so agitated today that it resorts to blather and wrong measures is the resistance of Muslim nations and this resistance will produce results. [Nov. 25, 2018]


The increasing influence of the Islamic Republic in Yemen has outraged the US

One of the realities is this: the increasing influence of the Islamic Republic. I have always said to our honorable presidents - both the current honorable president and former presidents - that whenever you travel to any Islamic country in the present time, the people of that country will give you a very warm reception, one that they have never given to the rulers of their own country. They will do so if they have the freedom and if you are willing to go and meet them. This is the very meaning of influence. Influence means this.

They have been striking Yemen in order to defy this influence. They say that they are bombing Yemen because we have influence in Yemen. Well, what have we done in Yemen? Have we taken any weapons to Yemen? Have we sent our army to that country? It is they who choose mercenaries from other countries, who give them oil revenues, dress them in Saudi uniforms and deliver them to Ansarullah's slashing [audience laughs]. It is they who are interfering in the affairs of Yemen. Why should we interfere in the affairs of Yemen?

Well, this influence is given to us by God. Can we do anything about this? For example, when our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) used to speak in this place, they would spread his words all over Africa or Asia and his opinions exerted such influence that such as such a person living in a remote country in Africa would name his son, "Ruhollah". Influence means this. This is done without using one piece of paper to achieve the purpose. Well, when one's opinions influence others, when they are correct and when they attract hearts because they are sincere, then nothing can be done to change this. "Say, ‘Die in your rage'" [The Holy Quran, 3: 119]. The late Shahid Beheshti was quoted as saying, "Well, you who cannot have this, should die of rage." What can we do about this? This is a reality. This is one of the realities of the Islamic Republic. You should pay attention to such realities. You should not always adopt a pessimistic outlook. [Jul. 11, 2015]


US’s false accusation of Iran transferring missiles to Yemen

Well, this should be explained, [….] the oppression against the Yemenis. Currently, Yemen is being bombarded every day. The people are being bombarded, various places are being bombarded, and markets are being bombarded: the country’s entire infrastructure is being bombarded. By whom? By US’s allies who have their approval. It is the Americans who provide them with weapons. It is they who help them. They watch the scene delightfully; they do not raise the slightest objection; do not show a hint of the slightest frown on their faces. Of course, there are some people among them – for example, writers – who make some objections, but the US administration does not pay any attention to them at all. That is while they (the US) display some pieces of scrap iron, with complete brazenness, and say such scrap pieces come from a missile given to Yemeni fighters by Iran!

They make such an unwarranted claim: Yemeni fighters and mujahids are under siege; it is not possible to give them anything. If it was possible, we would give them a hundred missiles–not just one! But it is impossible to get anything to them. They are oppressed! "Be an enemy of the oppressor and helper of the oppressed" [Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 47].--If you can help the oppressed, you should do so. We are standing firm. On the issue of the Resistance, the United States’ officials decided to uproot the Resistance in West Asia; and they were confident that they would accomplish this task. We are standing firm, and we have said that we would not allow them to accomplish their goals. Today, it has been proven to every human on earth that they wanted to uproot the resistance in West Asia, but that they failed; and when we intended to accomplish our goals, and we’ve succeeded. Everyone in the world has understood this. Injustice should be confronted. This was about foreign injustice, but the same is true of domestic injustice,--and it is perhaps of a higher priority due to a number of reasons. [Feb. 8, 2018]


The UN’s disgrace in not yet condemning the Saudi’s crime of attacking the oppressed people of Yemen

When you witness that [….] Yemen has been under bombardment, is this a minor event? They are constantly bombarding a country. And they are not bombarding its military centers, rather they are bombarding its markets, hospitals, public squares and schools and the people’s houses and gatherings. This is not a minor event, rather it is a very grave crime. They do not understand what the month of Ramadan and a month of haraam are and they do not differentiate between children and adults. They have murdered so many children! Well, this is a grave crime as well which has unfortunately been committed by the Saudi government. However, they have done so with the support of America, with its approval and with its weapons – the weapons and ammunitions that are from America.

It is they who are providing them will all the resources. Even when the United Nations wants to say something in this regard – now, after a lifetime of silence, it has decided to say something true and to condemn this course of action – they shut its mouth with money, with threats and with pressure. This poor and infamous Secretary General of the United Nations acknowledged that they have exerted pressure on him. Well, if they pressured you and if you cannot fulfill your duty, why do you not resign? Why do you stay there and betray humanity? This is betraying humanity! America is involved in this matter as well. [Aug 1, 2016]



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