Why did the US create ISIS?

The enemy implemented plans of action to confront our magnanimous Imam’s message of unity. For example, he established centers to produce anti-unity thought. Another thing that they did was to create takfiri groups.

It was the enemies of Islam who created that lethal group called “DAESH”. The Americans have acknowledged this. Of course, we had reliable information, but if we had spoken about it, it might have been doubted. However, the Americans themselves acknowledged it. Certain individuals in the administration that had created DAESH acknowledged it and also in the subsequent administration, the person who is now in charge [Donald Trump] explicitly said that it was they who created and who supported DAESH. They ordered their mercenaries in the region – the governments that follow their orders – to pay DAESH money and they bought weapons for them as well as giving them all kinds of equipment and ammunition.

Those regional governments who have undertaken the effort to provide financial support to these groups are more to blame than the individuals who have joined such groups. In other words, those who leave home from such and such a part of the world of Islam – based on their religious zeal and ignorance – to join such terrorist groups are less to blame than the chief, politician and king who pays and organizes them and who provides them with weapons. Of course, the main crime has been committed by the Americans. This is really the case.

The Americans committed another crime as well: they sent their army to Muslim countries with the excuse of the presence of such terrorist groups. They sent their forces to Afghanistan, to Syria and to other countries. As for other countries such as Iraq, they have been thinking about sending their forces, but the Iraqi youth and the Iraqi believers will not allow them to do so. Their legitimate zeal and enthusiasm will prevent the Americans from exerting their influence, God willing, but they have this plan anyway and they are after infiltrating these countries. Of course, wherever they set foot in, they caused insecurity and destruction. They have really destroyed the infrastructures of these countries, they have caused insecurity, they have waged domestic wars and they have done something to occupy the minds of governments with these thoughts so that they will not be able to carry out their main duties. They have really destroyed crops and cattle: “His aim everywhere is to destroy crops and cattle” [The Holy Quran, 2: 205]. The ayah is about these people in the true sense of the word and they have really done these things. [Nov 3, 2020]


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  • 2020-11-16 19:10
    I love rehber e moazam And hate ISIS dogs
  • 2020-12-11 04:48
    US is really more to be blamed than ISIL individuals. US is the kingpin of all murderous activity of deash . Before killing deash we should teach US a lesson. Main reason US martyred our general Solemani is that he destroyed the force created by US that is called deash