Imam Khamenei

Insulting the Prophet is a manifestation of the dark, savage civilization of the West

One cartoonist has done a damned thing by insulting the Holy Prophet in the language of cartoons. The issue is not merely that an artist has done a deviant and corrupt act. It is not limited to that, rather there are certain hands behind this incident. What evidence do we have for this? The evidence is that we suddenly find the French President and the French government supporting this act and other governments support them as well. Therefore, it is evident that there is a network behind this issue. The issue is not that French art has declined and that it has fallen into such an abyss, rather the issue is about the policy of a government that is supporting this action – manifested through a politician’s support for it.

You say that a person has been murdered. Very well, you can express your regret and sorrow at the murder of that person, but why do you publish such cartoons in places where everyone can see them and why do you support them? This is a very bitter and indecent incident taking place at a governmental level. The issue is not that a mere artist or cartoonist has committed this act. The previous time that this happened, we also witnessed that governmental and political personalities embarked on defending and supporting it [...].

Well, such courses of action have been repeatedly adopted in European countries and in the US. The incidents related to insulting the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet have frequently occurred in western countries – in both the US and European countries – but such incidents cannot damage the honor, magnificence and greatness of the Holy Prophet of Islam in the slightest manner. It is completely clear that the enlightened personality of the Messenger of Mercy cannot be damaged with these actions. By Allah’s favor, this sun shines more brightly on a daily basis. Just as the thugs in Makkah and Taif could not erase the name of the Holy Prophet of Islam, despites all the efforts that they made, these excellencies will not be able to damage the Holy Prophet either.

These courses of action show the dark nature of the western civilization. It indicates that that civilization and culture and that modern jahiliyyah [ignorance] is really dark and wild in its nature and in its reality. Of course, they are hiding this savagery. That is because they are equipped with science and technology. They cover their savagery up with science and technology and they hide it this way. They appear in public by uttering civilized words, with a humanistic appearance and by wearing ties and perfume, thus covering up their inner savagery. So, Islam and the Holy Prophet are not harmed this way, but this is a means so that you and I can gain a deeper understanding of that civilization. That civilization is really a wild civilization. It has also created a disastrous situation for its nations. In the present time, even after the passage of several centuries from the beginning of that civilization during the Renaissance, you can witness inequality, poverty, injustice and moral decadence in European countries, in the US and in those countries which follow them. This is the nature of that civilization and culture. [Nov 3, 2020]


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