Imam Khamenei

The US is the US, both political parties are malicious

The U.S. is the U.S. Neither of the two existing parties in America did anything good for us whenever they held office. On the contrary, they only did bad things against us. One imposed sanctions and the other struck our airplane. One attacked our oil platforms, and the other helped our enemies. We do not have any concerns for either. By Allah’s favor, we are ready to face any possible incident. Some people in the world are mourning because of the results of the elections in that country and some people became happy and celebrated it. We do not do either of these things. We neither mourn nor celebrate because it does not make any difference to us!

We are only thinking about how to help the country pass through possible problems. People should be thinking about this. The way to pass through all the problems that the country might have – whether in this term, or 10, 50 years from now – is to strengthen the country from the inside. You should see how strength is achieved. The domestic strength of the country – including political, economic and cultural strength and most importantly, the psychological and mental strength of individuals, particularly that of outstanding personalities and the high-ranking officials of the country - is the basis of the work. If this strength exists, then no danger will threaten the country. [Nov 16, 2016]


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