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American political parties are clubs for gaining power: The people have no role

Do the American people have a role in the United States presidential elections? Imam Khamenei believes that the people who cast ballots are, in fact, a tool in the hands of the American political parties and their struggle for power. In the following article, is publishing some excerpts from Imam Khamenei's statements in this regard.

A president who comes to power using the money of the centers of wealth is committed to them

If candidates develop a relationship with centers of wealth and power, everything will be ruined, which is the case with modern "democracies" in the world, in America and other places. Companies and wealthy people provide money for those who stand for presidential and congressional elections, but these candidates have to be committed to the interests of those companies and individuals. A president who is elected thanks to the money provided by different organizations and different centers of wealth, will be committed to the interests of these organizations and centers. [Jan 9, 2012]


The current Western political parties are in fact clubs for gaining power

Current western parties are clubs for acquiring power. Basically, a party is an organization that is established for the purpose of gaining power. A group of people come together and make use of their capital and their financial resources - or they borrow money from others or engage in political collusion - in order to gain power. And they normally have a rival party whose members do similar things in order to remove them from power and take their place. Currently, parties are normally like this throughout the world. [Oct 16, 2011]


The role of political parties in the US and some European countries

Some are trying to make the Iranian parties function like those in the United States and certain European countries, so that a few party officials, motivated by certain political and economic incentives and horse-trading, may decide for the whole general public, and so that the people may vote for their nominated candidates without circumspection. [Jun 15, 2005]


Today, some governments are run by financial companies

‌‌Today, large economic corporations are pulling the strings of these seemingly democratic governments. They are the ones that make policies, set the stage for the election of presidents and even the election of parliamentarians. The president, for his part, has his own aides and assistants. He appoints ministers and high-ranking administrators. Therefore, the president and the officials around him form the ruling clique. The type of dictatorship that is practiced today is different from that of the past. [Nov 10, 2004]


Those who have no role in the elections are the people

The US election system begins with local elections and goes on to gubernatorial elections, House elections, Senate elections and Presidential elections. Those who play no role in the elections are the people! The ones who cast ballots! Those who come to ballot boxes to vote play absolutely no role. The clubs where the candidates are introduced are totally distinct from people and are not related to the grassroots. For instance, from the democratic club of one of the states, how is a person chosen to pass through all levels to reach the congressional elections or presidential elections? It’s a complicated and peculiar process; one can observe and find that it doesn’t conform to a genuine, humane criteria. The political parties play it all. Impudence, panning others, being rich, having the support of the Zionists, good looks and an active and attractive spouse help in the process of being selected as candidates. [Mar 12, 2016]


America’s essence has not changed

America’s nature is the same nature that showed itself during the time of Reagan. It is the same nature and it has not changed in any way. This is the enemy’s nature. Of course, parties exist – the Democratic and Republican parties – and they pass the government around among themselves. However, America’s nature is the same. [Jun 14, 2016]


The political parties are not truly from the heart of society

As for their political system, you see the game that is played by their two-party system. They have monopolized the political scene and those who are affiliated with these two parties are definitely far less than one percent of the American population. Basically, these parties have no genuine roots in society. In fact, they are exclusive clubs to bring certain people together. Those who vote have either been deceived by their slogans or are under the influence of the western propaganda machine that is extremely powerful and advanced in the west, especially in America which is far more advanced than us in terms of its propaganda capabilities. America is extremely good at distorting realities, at presenting black as white and white as black. They are extremely advanced and competent in these areas. Through these methods, they encourage people to vote. [Nov 13, 2012]


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