Imam Khamenei

The UAE betrayed the Islamic world, but this won’t last long

Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met with the heads of the Iranian educational system this Tuesday morning, September 1, 2020, via a videoconference. The meeting was conducted via a videoconference due to the conditions caused by the Corona pandemic.

In this videoconference, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution vigorously condemned the act of betrayal committed by the UAE in normalizing its relations with the Zionist regime. His Eminence expressed hope that the UAE rulers would awaken soon and compensate for their recent actions.

Imam Khamenei stressed, “The UAE betrayed the world of Islam, Arab nations, regional countries and Palestine itself. Of course, this betrayal will not last long, but the stain of this infamy will remain on them forever.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that the UAE rulers have allowed the Zionists to set foot in the region. He reiterated that by normalizing relations, they have consigned the issue of Palestine, which is about the occupation of a country, to oblivion. He continued on to say, “I hope the UAE rulers will wake up soon and compensate for their actions.”

His Eminence stated, “The Palestinian nation is under severe pressures from all sides. Then, they connive with the Israelis and malicious American agents – such as that Jewish man from Trump’s family – against the interests of the world of Islam and act against the world of Islam with the utmost cruelty.”

Elsewhere in his statements, Imam Khamenei pointed to the westerners’ efforts to infiltrate other countries’ educational systems by imposing the western lifestyle on them. He cited the 2030 Agenda as an example and added, “Today, the western social philosophy has proven to be a failure, even in the west itself, and its elements of corruption are quite visible from Hollywood to the Pentagon.”

Stressing the necessity to be sensitive to the enemy’s infiltrations, Imam Khamenei said, “The enemy seeks to achieve what it is unable to do in military ways through infiltration and using tools such as the 2030 Agenda. It aims to build human beings that can carry out its operations and plans so that the ground will be prepared for them to plunder nations.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution also thanked the Iranian nation for observing the health protocols during the ten days of mourning ceremonies for Ashura. He described this year’s mourning ceremonies to be a phenomenon that will stay eternally in the history of the country.



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