Imam Khamenei

Imam Khamenei’s praise of a poem on the UAE’s treason in normalizing ties with the Zionist regime

Afshin Ala, a well-known Iranian poet, composed a poem addressed to the Arab rulers a few days after the signing of an agreement between the rulers of the UAE and the Zionist regime. This poem was praised by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution. The text of Imam Khamenei's message is as follows, "The poem you wrote to the Arab rulers was very appropriate and timely, well done!" The following is the translation of the poem:

To the Arab Rulers

That lion who is worthy of pride and praise,
Is Sayyid Hassan or the Sheikh of the Emirates?

This one has brought prosperity, like a procurer to a house of ill repute,
That one has become the leader of free men in the Levant.

That one speaks maturely, based on the Quran,
This one without thought, but carrying the Torah like camels.

That one shakes the pillars of Tel Aviv like an earthquake,
This one hides in mansions with a trembling body.

This prohibition, have you not seen or read the Quran?
Or from the verses of revelation, you have just read words and phrases?

Beware and keep away from this malignant gland.
What did Menachem give Sadat except for shame?

How does Sayyid Hassan, without a monarchy or a palace,
Become the Arab sun, and other rulers look like particles.

The Zionist army has been crushed under his feet,
With all their jet fighters, facilities and ammunition.

Aren't you ashamed before Lebanon and Palestine?
Have you not heard the verses and traditions?

What evil has Iran done to Arabs and Islam?
Due to your rancor, you have become blind, fully blind!

Why did Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen and the Levant burn?
In the fire of your malice, O evil Sheikh!

Weren't the Arab women set free from dangers
By Sayyid Hassan and Qasem and their companions?

You stabbed Arabs in the back and sat down
At one table with the perpetrator of all these massacres and crimes.

With the murderer of children in Sabra and Shatila,
With the murderer who is cursed on earth and in the heavens.

Don't boast in vain about the Bishop of Dubai, O king,
When a Yemeni Pawn has checkmated you!

You sold your prestige to the lowest price;
Persia’s honesty has been proven by your evilness.

Arab kings are from the tribes of Lot and Thamud,
And are the servants of Uzza, Manat, Hubal, and Lat.

Is this Arab blood that permits you cowards,
To accept the stain of this disgrace due to your habits?

You have lost Quds, Mecca and Medina;
You have no other Qibla except the West.

Marry Tel Aviv from now on,
Like the many years you have been the US’s wife.

O Arab people! Where is your ancestral zeal?
Your ancestors were conquerors.

Do not allow the sorrow of Palestine to repeat.
How long should the West take benefits from this region?

There is a thief in this caravan, how long will you neglect it?
There are mice in this farm, how long should they be neglected?

Why are the storms of invasion so fast?
Why do the swords of punishment act so slowly?

Quds is calling everyone for help; why are you asleep?
Why are Arab countries as dead as graves?

Nevertheless, O West, avoid this region,
Since this desert has many thorns and palms.

Do not be hopeful, O enemy, for the destruction of Beirut.
Macron, do not go with cunningness to ruined sites!

Lebanon will not turn from Persia to Paris,
Because she has seen goodness from them, and evil from you.

The burner of Qana is sympathizing with martyrs!
The looter of Chebaa is healing the wounds!

Shame on anyone who is fooled by you, O enemy.
Woe to that Sheikh who meets with you.

The Arab people and the people of the ancient Persian Gulf,
Will never accept humiliation from you, never.

The future belongs to Yemen, Gaza and Quds,
O West, beware! The day of justice is coming...


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