Martyr Lajavardi

Imam Khamenei's memory of a German newspaper's support for terrorism

August 22nd coincides with the anniversary of the assassination of Sayyid Assadollah Lajevardi, a revolutionary activist, former Prosecutor General for the Islamic Revolution and former head of the Prisons Organization. He was martyred at his workplace in the Tehran Bazaar by members of the Mujahedin Khalq (MKO) terrorist organization in 1998. The following are Imam Khamenei's statements about this assassination:

I will not forget my deep sorrow when a year and a half ago, the great martyr and the great, honorable Sayyid, Martyr Lajevardi, was assassinated. He was a person who had a very bright history and many people do not know much about his struggles during the fights against oppression. They do not know what this man did, where he was, how he lived, what imprisonments he endured and what hardships he suffered. After the Revolution, he accepted the most difficult jobs without any pretension. And in the end, he was martyred. A German newspaper wrote that the assassination of Lajevardi was not an assassination! This means they even changed the meaning of the term “assassination.” Why? Because it was carried out by internal dissidents! This is how the world media’s propaganda system works.
This is the news empire of the Arrogant Powers, which dominates public opinion in the world. The fight of the Palestinian people to take back their land is terrorism. They call the fight of the Lebanese people to expel the Zionist occupiers, terrorism. But the Zionist criminals going into Lebanon, kidnapping and killing people, and destroying villages is not terrorism! This is their logic. We should not be deceived by what the enemy throws out through its media. We should think for ourselves.

Statements made in the sermons of Tehran’s Friday Prayer on April 14, 2000

Sayyid Assadollah Lajevardi saving Masoud Rajavi's son in an operation against an MKO terrorist base



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