Imam Khamenei

Same-sex families, a new challenge in the Western world

Today, one of the greatest problems of the Western world is the breakup of family environments. [Jul 11, 2012]

Shaking the foundation of the family is Zionism’s main goal

I would like to stress that you should focus on the issue of the family at this point in time. The enemy – not the enemy of Iran and the Revolution, rather the enemy of humanity – has decided to destroy the foundation of family among human beings. Family is a divine tradition. The enemy of humanity – in other words, international capitalism and Zionism – has decided to destroy family since approximately a hundred years ago. And they succeeded in certain places. They managed to do so in those places where the people had drifted away from God. And they failed to do so in certain countries including our Islamic Iran, but they are doing their best.

These hard and late marriages, characterized with the small number of births, and what is referred to as “white marriages” – this ugly term which represents the darkest kinds of marriages – are all promoted in order to destroy the family foundation. The propagation of lustfulness and the destruction of modesty and sexual reserve are some of the enemy’s plans in the present time. You should include the fight against these phenomena in your plans. You should work on the purity and piety of this country’s youth and you should strive towards it. This is one of the best tasks. It is one of the most efficient methods for preserving and developing the Revolution and for protecting the Islamic government. [Feb 26, 2019]

Same-sex families, a new challenge in the Western world

One of the factors which has undermined the western ideological system and its spiritual domination is the increasing moral and spiritual crisis in the west. A clear sign of this crisis is that a feeling of absurdity, nothingness, desperation and psychological insecurity has been engendered in all western people particularly in youth. The foundation of family has shaken in the west. And these are the consequences.

Western orientation towards the issue of women has caused intellectuals, thinkers and broadminded personalities to seriously question feminism which was formed tens of years ago. These intellectuals and thinkers believe that feminism was a trap for women and that it created many obstacles for them. This is a long story.

Another issue is the issue of giving value to decadent practices. For example, homosexuality becomes a value in the west and opposition to homosexuality becomes an anti-value. If a person, a government official, a president and an outstanding personality is interviewed and if he says that he is opposed to homosexuality, this will be recorded as a negative point in his performance sheet. The moral environment has taken this direction in the west. Today, the situation is like this in the western world.

Of course, it will not stop at this point and it will be much worse and much more inappropriate than what it is now. Of course, some western thinkers and well-intentioned personalities have understood this and they constantly issue warnings, but it is of no use. When a system falls into this abyss, there is no way out and its fate will be nothing but destruction. This is one factor why western values have been challenged.

The second factor is people's interest in religion. This is, in fact, a reaction to the first factor. Among different people in western countries, interest in religion - particularly interest in Islam and in understanding the Holy Quran - has increased on a daily basis. Those who are in the middle of the arena know this very well. This is another factor that has seriously challenged the moral and ideological system of the west. [Sep 4, 2014]

The issue of encouraging people to indulge in lust - which is centered around women - is not something of little importance. Today, you can see that the situation is getting worse in the world with issues such as homosexuality and marriages between two people with the same gender. These are great, deep and dangerous abysses for western civilization and for those who are managing this civilization. This is an unusual precipice and it will completely annihilate them. And they are just in the middle of the path of destruction. In my opinion, they will not be able to prevent this because their problems are far beyond these things. [May 11, 2013]



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