Imam Khamenei

The method for curing the Iranian economy

These days, the issue of economy and problems in livelihood have occupied a considerable part of the minds and thoughts of the Iranian people as well as the political and social atmosphere in Iran. The enemies' multilateral program to weaken Iran's economy and people's livelihoods, has created a long-lasting challenge which has reached a critical point these days. Experts and scholars have interpreted these chronic economic problems, which become more or less over the years, as a sick or crisis-ridden economy, and of course, they have suggested various remedies for it. In the recent videoconference with the representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Supreme Leader stated some matters, which are in fact the answers to the four main questions of Iranian society in the field of economics. will examine these four questions below:

What is the root of economic problems in Iran?

Our problems really stem from our own mistakes and negligence: “Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of the doings that the hands of men have earned” [The Holy Quran, 30: 41]. We ourselves showed negligence and carelessness in certain areas. For example, we did not attach significance to production and to investment and all of a sudden, our factories broke down and we faced problems in the area of production. Well, when you do not work, the consequences of this will be evident. When we officials showed negligence and carelessness throughout the past years, these are the results that have ensued.


What are some examples of our country's economic ills?

The main economic problems, which I described as a disease, are inflation, the devaluation of the national currency, the existence of unreasonable prices, the problems with production centers, and the existence of foreign sanctions, whose role should not be ignored. All these have created livelihood problems for the lower and middle classes of society.

For example, if we wish to mention the key matters in the area of the economy, we can refer to production as a key matter. The issue of curbing inflation is another key matter. You should identify the reasons behind this chain of inflation and high prices and then you should attend to them. The management of the monetary and financial system and the independence of the economy of the country from oil are other key matters. These are fundamental matters in the economic domain.


Do we have the capacity needed to overcome these chronic economic ills?

If you liken the country to a human body, these problems – as I mentioned before – are like a disease, but the risks and the dangers are not equal for everyone. For example, corona exists in the country, but the threats that it poses are not equal for everyone. If you are old and ill, if you do not have stamina and if you have had previous conditions and illnesses, the disease will be more dangerous for you. When a doctor sees such a patient, he will not have much hope. However, if the patient is young and vigorous and if he does not have a background of previous conditions – for example, if he is a strong athlete – he might be affected, but the risks are not grave. When the doctor sees such a patient, he will treat him with more hope. Therefore, the country suffers from a malady, but these maladies will be nullified with certain capabilities. These maladies exist, but the country enjoys vigor. Why do we say that the country enjoys vigor? This is because of the extensive capacities that exist in the country


What is the main solution to overcome the current economic problems of the country?

If the idea and spirit of self-sufficiency and national confidence – which has thankfully spread among the public, in particular among educated and determined youth – if the trust in domestic economic forces continues to thrive if the forlorn hope of receiving help from the outside – which is sometimes witnessed inside the country and which conditions the economy of the country to be dependent on foreigners’ decisions – is undermined and shattered and if the national trust is boosted, then in my opinion, all the economic problems that exist today will be eliminated and overcome. Therefore, we should benefit from the country’s vigor. [Jul 12, 2020]



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