To see the falsehood of America’s claims about human rights, look at Srebrenica

On the anniversary of the painful massacre of approximately 8,000 Muslim women, children and men by Bosnian Serb forces after taking control of the town of Srebrenica during the Bosnian War (1992-1995), is publishing excerpts from the remarks of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution about this issue.

It is the US government that has caused numerous catastrophes in Latin America, Asia, and around the world. This is the same government that did not express the least grief at the massacre of thousands of believers in Srebrenica and in areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even now they are pretending, they are not telling the truth. They do not investigate the case seriously. They stood aside that day and watched as Muslims were massacred and slaughtered. Thousands were eliminated. We kept shouting, but they said, “No, nothing is happening!”

I was reading an essay that was written in 1995 - the time of the Srebrenica genocide. It said that some of the world's influential political leaders had said, "There is no such thing as what is being said!" After a few months - about twelve, thirteen or fifteen months - mass graves were discovered in Srebrenica! We kept shouting that something was happening, and they were saying, “There’s nothing going on.” [Dec. 14, 1996]

In materialistic societies, which are immersed in materialism and where spirituality is forgotten, even the greatest calamities do not shake consciences or bring action. Unless something happens in front of their eyes, no movement is initiated and even that is soon forgotten. Currently, they are showing no reaction to what is happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina (the barbarian invasion and genocide by Serbian forces in the city of Srebrenica, where unfortunately, the worst catastrophe is taking place while Western materialistic governments and nations are merely watching). They claim to be worried about human rights violations in some parts of the world! Is this true!? Isn't this a violation of human rights to massacre thousands of women and children and to expose a city with a population of several thousand to the risk of genocide, the destruction of houses and the displacement of families!?

Anyone who wishes to witness the falsehood of the US and some other countries' claims about human rights should look at what is currently going on in Srebrenica, Sarajevo, and other cities. Anyone who wants to understand the inability of the Security Council, which has been founded for the so-called security of nations, should look at Srebrenica and these catastrophic events.

Throughout history, cases such as the Mongol and Hulagu Khan invasions have made people wonder, "Is it possible a group of people could commit so many atrocities!?" But today these historical events are rehappening in front of people's eyes. This is what we keep saying, "Western political systems, Western civilization, and Western claimants are incapable of managing the world. They have no right to claim sovereignty over about six billion people and countries around the world. Because, they cannot even manage themselves, provide for their own security or prevent the worst human catastrophes." [July 12, 1995]



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