Iran, the biggest victim of chemical weapons

Those who are often attacking countries today, with accusations of chemical weapons use, officially and publicly gave chemicals to Saddam for making chemical bombs, and other chemical weapons, to use on the front lines. After the passage of 30 years, since the end of the war—almost 29 years have passed–we still have a fairly large number of soldiers suffering from the impacts of chemical weapons exposure. And many of them were martyred on this holy defensive path. It was the British and the Americans who caused this [destruction and injuries]. They helped him [Saddam] with war plans and satellites; all satanic apparatuses around the world helped that wretched, arrogant, and selfish Satanist–Saddam—against the Islamic Republic: they helped him with the intention of beginning, continuing, and ending the war in his favor. Of course, all those efforts were like a bullet that targets rocks and soil. For eight years they killed themselves to usurp just one inch of the Islamic Republic's soil, but they failed. The people of Iran defeated all those powers throughout those eight years. [Mar 10, 2018]

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