Imam Khamenei

Imam Khomeini considered the Parliament to be the main entity in charge of country's affairs

On the occasion of the International Day of Parliamentarism, is publishing statements from Imam Khamenei regarding the role of the Parliament in safeguarding democracy in Iran in the system of the Islamic Republic.

The formation of 10 Parliaments, the result of the direct vote of the people in the Islamic Republic

The people of Iran have played their role 12 times in electing the highest-ranking officials of the country. This is a very important issue. Moreover, the people's choices and votes have brought about 10 Parliaments (Islamic Consultative Majlises), five city and village councils and five Assemblies of Experts. All these have been achieved thanks to the Revolution. Our new generation should not forget certain things. We experienced the pre-revolutionary era with all our being. Before the victory of the Revolution, the people did not have any role in the management of the country and in the appointment of managers. Heads of countries, monarchs, kings and their cohorts used to come and go, but the people were mere spectators. They did not have any role. The Islamic Revolution came and moved the people from the periphery into the center. This way, the people were given the power to choose everything. [Aug 3, 2017]


The Americans had no problem with the dictatorial regimes in Iran, but they are hostile to the democratic Islamic Republic

The Islamic Republic is a democratic system in the true sense of the word. Of course, the enemy constantly speaks against our elections. The Americans and their propaganda agents constantly speak against our elections in different ways. For 25 years during the time of the taghuti (Pahlavi) regime, the Americans were present in Iran, but they did not at all criticize the nominal and ridiculous parliaments of those days. If you take a look at history and read the events about the elections during the time of Mohammad Reza Shah - and worse than that, during the time of Reza Shah - you will see that first the English and later on the Americans dominated our country, but they did not oppose those nominal, theatrical and ridiculous elections even once! In the present time too, they do not say even one single word against the dictatorial, tyrannical and hereditary regimes that exist in the region, but they constantly blame and make false criticisms against Iran that is holding different elections one after another. [Sep 9, 2015]


Imam Khomeini considered the Parliament to be the main entity in charge of the country's affairs

The late magnificent Imam [Khomeini] considered the Majlis to be the highest echelon of national affairs. This could be the most complete definition for the Majlis because it determines its position and its responsibility in a brief sentence. If we define the law as the path of the country towards the summits and destinations specified in the Constitution, then the Majlis guarantees a vital guideline for the materialization of that path. All governmental and popular organizations and all masses of the people are obliged to take this path.

The guarantees for the fulfillment of this responsibility have been ensured by the Majlis itself – of course, the judiciary branch is also a guarantee as its responsibility is to ensure the implementation of the law – because the Majlis has the right to investigate, to reject or accept the high-ranking managers of the executive branch, to warn, to question and to impeach. Therefore, if the law proves to be a correct, sufficient and practical system and if its execution guarantees are fully grasped, the country will achieve its lofty goals. Such is the high position of the Majlis and such is its important and vital obligation.

It is you honorable members who can give the Majlis the position that it deserves. When the members of Majlis carry out their legislative duties and their other obligations by gaining a correct understanding about the circumstances and the priorities of the country, by doing expert work, with their active presence and punctuality and with sincerity and trustworthiness, it will emerge as a source of hope for the people, as a source of reliance for executives and as the highest echelon of national affairs in the true sense of the world.

Surely such a Majlis will play a determining role in helping the country reach its lofty goals. The main plight for members is busying oneself with detrimental trivialities, having unhealthy personal and partisan motives, showing negligence in carrying out one’s duties and getting involved in unhealthy ethnic, regional and tribal divisions. [May 27, 2020]


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