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Iran: From bringing in Indian physicians to becoming a pole of medical tourism in Asia

There was one day when, outside big cities, Iranian physicians were few in number. I, myself, used to live in Zahedan in Iranshahr [Sistan and Baluchistan Province]. The doctors there were mostly Indian, I went to them. Of course, they were not bad, but the country needed foreign doctors. At the beginning of the Revolution, they would schedule eight, nine, ten-year appointments for heart surgery! When a patient suffering from heart disease referred to a hospital, his surgery would be conducted ten years later, until then, most of them would die. --Conditions were like this. Today, specialists conduct open-heart surgeries in distant cities. These achievements are real achievements. Why do some people want to disappoint our academic society, our specialists and our scientists? The achievements are real achievements, but they should be expanded. [Jun 10, 2018]


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