How was israel formed?

These days, the plan to annex part of the West Bank to Israel has become a major concern for the supporters of Palestine. The issue of annexing the West Bank means taking over the settlements that the Zionist regime built illegally on Palestinian lands and giving this occupation a legal facade. But does the Zionist regime actually own a country so that it can aspire to add new territories to it? The history of the usurpation of Palestinian lands shows that the area which is now called Israel is but the result of theft and the illegal usurpation of Palestinian lands. If justice is ever to be established by the United Nations, these must be returned to their original owners, the Palestinians. In this article, KHAMENEI.IR relates the history and story of the occupation and looting of Palestine by European governments and the Zionist Jews in the words of Imam Khamenei.

A country for the Jews

What is the essence of Palestine's story? The root of the matter is that a number of influential Jews from around the world thought of creating an independent state for the Jews. The British government took advantage of this idea, seeking to serve its own interests. Well, they had previously thought about going to Uganda and making that their own country. For a while, they considered going to Tripoli, the capital of Libya. So, they went and talked to the Italians, who were in control of Tripoli at the time. The Italians rejected their demand, but they finally came to an agreement with the British. The British had very important motives for colonization in the Middle East at that time. The British assumed the settlement of Jews in the region would be beneficial to the British, thinking they would enter the region as a minority at first, then gradually develop and take over a corner. And, this is a sensitive corner, because Palestine is located in a critical location. Then, they [the Jews] would form a government and become one of the British allies to prevent the Islamic world, especially the Arab world, from becoming united in that region. It is true that if the people were vigilant in facing them, the enemy could even bring about unity among the people [by them confronting the enemy together]. However, an enemy that is supported by outside powers can create differences among the people, using tricks of espionage and various methods, and this is what they did. They approached one group, condemned another group, attacked the other, and treated one group harshly. So, in the first place, it was with the help of England and some other Western countries [that Israel was formed]. They then gradually separated from England and started to develop links with the United States. The United States has continued to support them up to today. This is how they created a country and occupied the land of Palestine. [Dec. 31, 1999] 


Did the Zionists buy the land of Palestine or did they occupy it?

Their occupation took place in this way. They did not start with a war. Rather, they started with a ploy. They started buying large, flourishing farms in Palestine, where the Arab farmers were working. They paid several times more than the real price to the main owners of the big farms who lived in Europe or the US. These owners happily sold the land to the Jews. There were also some dealers, one of them was the famous Sayyid Zia', Reza Khan's accomplice in the 1921 coup. When he left Iran, he went to Palestine and became a dealer for the Jews and Israelis to buy lands from the Muslims! They bought the land and when they became owners, they started to expel the farmers in the harshest and cruellest manner. When they would enter an area, they would attack and kill the people. Meanwhile, they influenced public opinion to be in favor of them with lies and deception. [Dec. 31, 1999]

When they first arrived in Palestine, they did not say, "We are bringing immigrants to Palestine." The Palestinian people wondered who the newcomers were. They lied and said they were bringing experts! What I'm saying is based on evidence. It was in the documents of the British Foreign Office that were leaked. Some of the world's Foreign Ministries publish old, outdated documents and make them public. The documents I am talking about have become available to us recently, after sixty or seventy years. In these documents, the British officer in charge of Palestine wrote in his report, "We told the Palestinian people that those who were entering Palestine were experts, engineers, doctors, etc. and they were coming to build their country! They would leave after they had built the land." The same British officer wrote in a letter, "But we are lying to these people!" They gathered Jews with no skills or expertise from around the world, took them to Palestine, and provided them with facilities, land, and everything; because they wanted to expel the original owners of Palestine from that country! From the beginning, they started with a ploy, and as soon as they gained a firm foothold, they attacked the people. [Mar. 27, 1992]

The usurpation of Palestine by the Zionists was based on three pillars; one of them was committing atrocities against the Arabs. They treated the original owners with cruelty and extreme violence. They didn't show the slightest mercy to them. The second pillar was lying to the people of the world. This kind of lying to the people of the world is one of the strangest things in its kind. They lied so much through their use of the Zionist media, which was in the hands of the Jews, both before and after the occupation, that some Jewish capitalists were arrested because of these lies! [Dec. 31, 1999]


The big lie of “the land without a people”

Many believed their lies. Even the French philosopher and writer, Jean-Paul Sartre, who I personally admired (along with others like him) when I was young, was deceived. Jean-Paul Sartre wrote a book that I read thirty years ago. He wrote, "A people without a land, a land without people!" That is, the Jews were a people who had no land. They came to Palestine, which was the land that had no people! It is nonsensical to say the land had no people. A nation was there and living their lives. There is much evidence that supports this. A foreign writer said that throughout the land of Palestine wheat fields were like a sea of ​​greenery that could be seen as far as the eye could see. What does a land with no people mean?! They lied to the world saying Palestine was an abandoned, ruined, miserable country, which they wanted to develop and improve! Lying to the public! They have always tried to make themselves look oppressed. It is still the same now! In American magazines such as Times and Newsweek, which I sometimes refer to, if the smallest incident occurs for a Jewish family, the event is exaggerated with photos, its details, and the age of those killed, and the oppression to the children is highlighted. But hundreds and thousands of cases of cruelty to the Palestinian youth, Palestinian families, Palestinian children, and Palestinian women take place inside occupied Palestine and in Lebanon, but they do not make the slightest reference to them!

The third pillar involves their conspiracies, negotiations, and in their own words "lobbying." They meet and talk to this government, to that individual, to that politician, to that intellectual, to that writer, to that poet, and collude with them! So far, they have based their activities on three pillars, and they have been able to occupy the country with deception. In addition, foreign powers, mainly the British, have always supported them. The United Nations, and before the United Nations the League of Nations - formed after the war for peace matters supposedly - has always supported them, except in a few cases. In 1948, the League of Nations issued resolutions, dividing Palestine for no reason. They said that 57 percent of the land of Palestine belonged to the Jews; while before that, about five percent of Palestinian lands belonged to them! They then formed a government, and many cases of attacks on villages, towns, houses, and innocent people followed. [Dec. 31, 1999]


A change in strategy to occupy more land

The Zionists do not give up on their goals. They still hold to their stated goal of "from the Nile to the Euphrates." They still intend to usurp the area from the Nile to the Euphrates! However, the strategy of the Zionists is to first gain a firm foothold through the use of deception and ploys, and then when they gain a firm a foothold, they plan to expand their territories as far as they can through the use of pressure, attacks, murder, force and violence! Whenever they face a serious confrontation, whether political or military, they stop and start a new plan so that they can take another step forward with their cunning plans! When they take a step forward, they apply the same pressure and violence again. This is what they have done for sixty or seventy years up until today. That is, they did the same thing 25 years before they officially occupied Palestine

In 1948, they announced the formation of the Israeli government. A year later, they invaded Egypt and other Muslim countries to conquer more territories. When they were repelled, they waited for a while. Of course, they took a great amount of land, but since they could no longer advance, they stopped and resorted to trickery to see how they could gain a new foothold. They have continued in this manner up until today. [Mar. 26, 2020]


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