Which final solution?

More than two decades ago, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution put forth a logical solution to the issue of Palestine, one that is based on international law, “Conduct a referendum among all the original people of Palestine, including Muslims, Christians and Jews, to decide the political system of Palestine.” This solution has been repeated so many times in his speeches in recent years and in the statements of other officials of the Islamic Republic that it has come to be known as “the official initiative of the Islamic Republic for resolving the issue of Palestine.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution discussed this issue again in his speech on Quds Day this year, saying, “Palestine belongs to the Palestinians; therefore, it should be run as they wish. A referendum - with the participation of all Palestinians of all religions and ethnicities, this is what we have been suggesting for almost two decades -  is the only solution to the challenges which Palestine is facing at the present time and for the future.” This proposal shows that the western accusations of anti-Semitism, which they keep repeating, are completely unfounded. On the basis of this proposal, Jewish, Christian and Muslim Palestinians together will determine the political system of their country by participating in a referendum. That which should definitely go is the Zionist regime, since Zionism is a bizarre innovation which has been fabricated in the name of Judaism, but it is totally alien to that religion.”

In this situation, WWW.KHAMENEI.IR published a meaningful poster regarding support for the Resistance with the aim of liberating Palestine and Holy Quds. Its emphasis was on the democratic solution of holding a referendum to decide the fate of Palestine, but it proved to be too much for the supporters of the occupying Zionist regime to tolerate. This was to such an extent that they launched a preposterous media campaign in response to it. This campaign inadvertently lead to the increased sensitivity of global public opinion, spread the message more widely and caused “the official initiative of the Islamic Republic for resolving the issue of Palestine” to be seen better and more widely.

The poster was titled “Al-Quds shall be another Khorramshahr” in view of the fact that this year International Quds Day coincided with the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr. In addition to being shared on the internet, it was also put on display in the Valiasr Square in Tehran. The poster contained the phrase “The Final Solution: Resistance until Referendum,” which refers to Imam Khamenei’s solution regarding the need to hold a referendum to decide the fate of Palestine.

It appears that the uproar and the responses of the American and Zionist authorities and their mercenaries are for the most part motivated by the fact that they do not have anything to say in the face of the Islamic Republic’s democratic solution and its firm logical basis more than by their long-held grudge and animosity toward the Islamic Republic of Iran and Imam Khamenei as the leader of the Resistance camp. (The complete proposal was presented by Iran’s permanent representative to the U.N. Security Council on November 1, 2019.)

Relying on reason, logic, and both historical and political experience, the Islamic Republic has presented a clear solution to this issue, a democratic solution that is based on the wishes, will and vote of the real people of Palestine. Regarding this proposal, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said, “The logical solution is one that all awakened consciences in the world and all those who believe in modern, global concepts will have to accept... The solution is to hold a referendum and let the people of Palestine choose, all the people who have been displaced from Palestine. Although, of course, only those who want to return to the land of Palestine and to their own homes should decide. This is something logical. All those who have been displaced and whose fate is unclear in Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, and other Arab countries should return to their own country and homeland, Palestine, and a referendum should be conducted among those who were in Palestine before the year 1948 when the bogus Israeli government was formed. This includes Muslims, Christians and Jews. They should be the ones to decide the ruling system in Palestine in a referendum. This is democracy. Why is it that democracy is good everywhere in the world except for the Palestinian people?!...” [April 5, 2002] He also stated, “This is the meaning of the destruction and annihilation of the unjust, bogus Zionist regime that is currently in power.” [June 15, 2018]

Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, our country’s Foreign Minister, wrote in a Twitter response to the propaganda campaign of the U.S. Secretary of State and certain Europeans regarding the poster published in WWW.KHAMENEI.IR, “It is disgusting that those whose civilization found a "Final Solution" in gas chambers should attack those who seek a real solution at the ballot box through a REFERENDUM. Why are the US and the West so afraid of democracy? The Palestinians should not have to pay for your crimes, or for your guilt.” 

However, the initiative proposed by America and the Zionist regime is the aggressive, criminal “Deal of the Century,” which has so far failed to be implemented due to the powerful resistance of the Muslims in the region and liberated people throughout the world. Part of this enormous conspiracy of the century, which was discussed on the 13th of May during U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to the region in a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, was focused on annexing the West Bank to the other occupied territories by the 4th of July. The main axis of this conspiracy is the annexation of approximately one-third of the occupied territories of the West Bank by the usurping Israeli regime. This has repeatedly been referred to in the statements of American and Israeli authorities. This is a solution, which the Zionists themselves say centers on the tactic that was used by Hitler and the Nazis, the tactic of forced resettlement or “Absiedlung.” Today, they intend to use this same tactic as a final and decisive solution as part of “the Deal of the Century.” In fact, one could argue that today’s Hitler is none other than Netanyahu himself, and the Zionist and American ringleaders are criminals who are far worse than Hitler and the European and American leaders who were behind the world wars. These are criminals who have placed the policy of the systematic genocide and mass killing of the oppressed Palestinians as the centerpiece of their sinister initiatives and disastrous plans. At the same time, they accuse the defenders of the Palestinian nation and the resisting, freedom-seeking fighters who are currently engaged in a battle to defend their rights and their homeland of being terrorists.

Given these conditions, we have now reached the peak of confrontation between these two approaches throughout the region. One is the approach that is pursued by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Resistance Front led by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei. The other approach that is pursued by the Zionists and Americans.

The second approach is completely one-sided and is aggression. It is an approach that has given birth to the Deal of the Century, a deal that was put together in Western, Jewish and Arab backrooms in the absence of the real owners of Palestine. It aims to impose itself on the Muslim nations of the region in an autocratic matter. In contrast, the first approach is based on transparency, freedom, democracy and human rights. This approach has been emphasized by the Leader of the Muslims for over two decades. He once again further emphasized its dimensions on July 23, 2014, saying, “Annihilating the Zionist regime does not at all mean massacring the Jewish people in the region… It means a referendum should be conducted, and the people should determine the government that should rule those territories. This is the meaning of annihilating the Zionist regime, and this is the way to achieve it.”



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