We should not follow Western culture concerning the issue of the family

Our fiqh is really advanced and outstanding. Some people highlight some aspects of it and forget about the rest. Besides, they completely distort certain aspects of it in order to make it compatible with western deceitful and fallacious thoughts. We have witnessed this as well.

Some people distort a number of Islamic obligations and truths so that westerners do not become annoyed. The Holy Quran says, "And if you obey most of those in the earth, they will lead you astray from Allah's way. They follow nothing but conjecture. They do nothing but lie" [The Holy Quran, 6: 116]. We should not be the followers of common thoughts in the world of ignorance and superstition. Rather, we should find and follow Islamic thoughts although some people speak ill of us. This is another issue.

Therefore, we should find the main issue. In my opinion, the main issue - or let us say, one of the main issues - is the issue of home and family. The basis of the issue is women's security and opportunities in the family environment and their home-making is for cultivating their talents. Nothing should prevent them from studying, reading, learning and writing. Of course, this is related to those women who are interested in such things. The ground should be prepared for them to carry out these tasks. Apr 19, 2014


A wife and a husband should be a source of tranquility for each other

When they enter the home, (both the wife and the husband) they would like their home to give them a feeling of peace, security, ease and comfort. This is what all men want. All women would like their homes to be full of happiness when their husbands come home. They both want the home to be a comfortable and happy environment, because they both become tired. Women have work to do, and men have work too. Men, due to the challenges they face in life, and women face challenges too in the political sphere, in the home and in raising their children. They are both tired. When a husband and wife come together after a day’s work, or in the middle of the day, they both expect one another to create a happy, lively environment that helps them relax, which is a reasonable expectation from each other. If you can do this, life becomes sweet. There are many wealthy people who lack this happiness. They have quarrels and problems at home. There are many people who have a high rank and status in society. They are managers for example, but they face thousands of problems at home. The person who is obeyed and respected by subordinates at work, may have a difficult relationship at home and have to deal with a bad-tempered or lazy spouse, who creates a bad environment instead of offering happiness. Instead of bringing comfort, this home ruins one’s mood. Therefore, this is not dependent on things like wealth or poverty, having a high position or none at all, living in the capital city or a small village. All individuals need this happiness and security in life. So, when marriage is discussed in the Qur’an, it is written, “It is He Who created you from a single soul, and made from it its mate, to bring it comfort.” [7:189] That is, spouses should bring tranquility and comfort to each other. Wives and husbands should be a source of peace for each other. Did you listen carefully? Both girls and boys should heed this point. Marriage creates a family, and a family should be a source of security and comfort for both of them. And if they have children, God willing - and they will – the family should provide a safe and peaceful environment for the children too. However, this is not achieved without effort. June 9, 2004


We should not consider taking care of the home to be something insignificant

One of the most important responsibilities of women is being a homemaker. As everybody knows, I do not believe that women should not have social and political roles. There is nothing wrong with this. But if this means that we should look down on homemaker, then we have committed a sin. Homemaking is a job. It is a great, important and sensitive job which builds the future. Giving birth to children is a great effort. This issue was, unfortunately, neglected in a period of time in our country because of our lack of care and because of the mistakes that we made. Today, we can see the dangerous consequences of this. I have said to our people many times that the consequences of aging and a reduction in the number of young people in our country will show themselves later on. When the consequences of this mistake show themselves, then there will be no cure for this problem. But today, it can be cured.

Giving birth is one of the feminine efforts and responsibilities. Giving birth to children is, in fact, the art of women. It is they who take the trouble. It is they who endure the sufferings. It is they whom Allah the Exalted has offered the means for raising children. Allah the Exalted has not provided men with the means for raising children. He has provided women with the means. He has given them the patience, the feelings, the emotions and the body which are necessary to raise children. This is, in fact, the art of women. If we do not let these things pass into oblivion, then we will make progress. May 1, 2013


The Family in the West

Unfortunately, the West has lost the family institution, a center that is a safe and peaceful environment for men, and especially for women. Many families have broken up. Many women live alone till the end of their lives. Many men cannot find the wife they are looking for. And, many marriages are dissolved in the first years. October 22, 1997



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