Extraterritoriality has been eliminated in Iran but still exists in some developed countries

What is extraterritoriality?

Americans had tens of thousands of agents in Iran. The exact number is not important - fifty thousand, sixty thousand or more. They were political, security and military agents. They were among the people who used to manage Iran - in the army, in intelligence organizations, planning centers and different other places. They used to charge the Iranian government several times more, but they used to work for America. This was a bad thing that happened in our country. Because it was dependent on America and acted as an American mercenary, the satanic Pahlavi regime had gradually allowed those agents to enter the country over a number of years. This was already bad enough, but what happened next was even worse: They approved a law in the parliament of that time, which granted immunity to American agents so that they could not be prosecuted by Iranian courts, judiciary and security organizations. This is called extraterritoriality. When foreigners are allowed to enter a country and do whatever they like, when the courts and police force of a country are unable to do anything to stop foreigners, it shows that the country is suffering from an extreme form of weakness and dependence. Legal immunity was what the Americans demanded from the satanic Pahlavi regime, and it was given to them on a silver platter. Nov 3, 2010


America's relationship with third world countries

If a nation fails to defend its rights and honor, arrogant and colonial powers will even impose such oppressive laws as extraterritoriality on that nation. This is the goal of the hegemony of the arrogant powers. The relations between a government such as the US government and a country that does not have as much power as America cannot be like relations between two ordinary countries. No, from the viewpoint of the Americans themselves, the relations between America and what they call "third world countries" is a master-subject relationship - the Americans being the master, and third world countries being their subjects. The Americans think they have the right to do whatever they want in third world countries. They think they can plunder third world countries' oil and gas resources, act against their interests, take away their wealth, promote American interests and humiliate their people.

An American sergeant used to slap senior Iranian officers across the face, and nobody had the right to react. In different garrisons of the country, when a low-ranking member of the American military faced a senior Iranian officer, he used to address the Iranian officer like a master. The members of our army were dissatisfied with this situation, but they did not dare to do anything. Nov 3, 2010


America’s law of extraterritoriality still exists in other parts of the world

America is a truly arrogant power. And that is not just our problem. This is an issue for the world and the world of Islam. Americans show this spirit of arrogance in all parts of the world. After the Second World War when they defeated Japan, Americans established a base there, and they still have their military bases in Japan. In spite of their numerous scientific advances, Japanese people have not so far managed to force Americans out of their bases. Americans have established military bases in Japan. They are oppressing and persecuting the Japanese people. As newspapers and news agencies have reported, they rape Japanese girls and engage in other illegal activities. But they still have their bases in Japan. America has military bases in South Korea too. America is planning to establish bases in Iraq and stay there for 50 or 100 years. There are planning to do the same thing in Afghanistan as well because the geographical location of Afghanistan will enable them to have control over Southwest Asia, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and Iran if they manage to establish military bases there. They are making so many efforts there in order to establish permanent military bases there and stay. That is the meaning of arrogance. Nov 3, 2009


Friendship with America is irrational
Our magnanimous Imam Khomeini (r.a.) said, "America is the Great Satan." This phrase is a very meaningful one. The boss of all shaitans in the world is Iblis, but according to the Holy Quran, the only thing that Iblis can do is to tempt human beings and nothing more. He tempts and deceives people, but America kills, imposes sanctions and behaves in a hypocritical way as well as tempting and deceiving. He raises the flag of human rights and claims to support human rights, but ever so often, an innocent and unarmed person rolls in their blood and is murdered by the American police, let alone other crimes and disasters committed by them.

The great people of Iran threw this Great Satan out of the country. So, we should not allow him to come back. Now that we have thrown him out of the door, we should not allow him to come in through the window.

And this was their behavior in Iran during the time of the taghuti regime: they used to wage wars and create warmongering groups like the ones that are busy committing crimes in Iraq and Syria in the present time. These are the things that America does! Now, some people insist on ornamenting this Great Satan - who has qualities worse than those of Iblis - and on portraying him as an angel. Why do they do that? Even if we exclude religion and revolutionary spirit for a moment, what about loyalty to the interests of the country? What about reason? What reason and what conscience allows one to choose a power like America as one's trusted friend and as a liberating angel? They are like this. This is the truth of the matter. Sep 9, 2015


The result of the fight against American arrogance is before our eyes

The fruit of the efforts made during the past forty years is before our eyes: an independent country and nation; free; powerful; dignified; faithful; advanced in science; full of valuable experiences; confident and hopeful; with essential impact on the region and a strong logic on global issues; with records in the growth rate of scientific advances,  and in earning high ranks in important sciences and technology such as nuclear science, stem cells, nanoscience, aerospace and so forth; leading in expanding social services; excelling in promoting jihadi [volunteering] motivations among young people; leading in having an efficient young population and many other honor-winning features which are all the products of the Revolution and the result of taking the revolutionary and jihadi direction. You should know that if ignorance of the Revolution’s mottos and negligence of the Revolutionary movement had not occurred in some periods during the forty-year history of the Revolution—which unfortunately existed and were extremely detrimental—the Revolution’s accomplishments would have gone far beyond what we witness today and the country would have been far ahead on the path towards the great ideals and many of the current problems would not have existed today. Feb 11, 2019



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