Twitter continues to hinder the international activities of

The American social network service, Twitter, suspended all accounts related to KHAMENEI.IR – which were working in different languages in that social network – in the early hours on March 31, 2020.

This course of action provoked the reaction of domestic and foreign media activists, and Twitter lifted the suspension imposed on the English and Persian accounts of KHAMENEI.IR an hour later. They claimed in a non-official statement that the suspension had been implemented as a result of an interior mistake in the company, and thus, the accounts had been re-opened.

Despite this claim made by Twitter, KHAMENEI.IR accounts – including ar_Khamenei, Khamenei_fra, ur_khamenei and the video account, Khamenei_video – continue to be suspended in that social network after the passage of four days since that action.

In recent months, the Spanish account – Khamenei_es – has also been removed by Twitter without any reason being cited.

Before this, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook had closed KHAMENEI.IR accounts many times over the past months in similar actions.


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  • 2020-04-05 09:31
    Free speech
  • 2020-04-05 09:33
    Right to freedom
  • 2020-04-05 09:44
    This is not a good Idea which Twitter did. At this way Twitter are destroying peace & increasing hatred in this world.