Imam Khamenei

Imam Khamenei thanks again the Minister of Health and medical staff for their endeavors in confronting the Coronavirus

The following is a letter composed on March 29, 2020 by the Supreme Leader’s Office, on behalf of Imam Khamenei, in response to the report delivered by Dr. Namaki, the honorable Minister of Health and Medical Education. In this letter, all health professionals in the country have been appreciated for their efforts, and the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has emphasized that these all-out endeavors should not be reduced.

Dr. Namaki,

Honorable Minister of Health and Medical Education,

Salam Alaykum,

Your report, numbered 62/100 and dated March 28, 2020, regarding the activities carried out to fight the spread of the Coronavirus – including the activities of the National Mobilization Campaign against Corona – was delivered to His Eminence (may Allah preserve his exalted presence). The following is His Eminence’s response:

I request that the honorable Minister, his colleagues and the large community of health professionals in the country be appreciated for their endeavors. The measures adopted are good and will be effective, God willing. The Screening Plan is a great endeavor. Benefiting from the Basij forces and volunteers from among the people will greatly help the country to be freed from this pandemic, God willing. What is important is that these all-out efforts should not be reduced.

We would like to thank you on behalf of His Eminence, and we ask Allah, the Exalted, to bestow wellbeing, health and victory on you, your colleagues, and the large community of health professionals in the country.

Sincerely yours,

Muhammadi Golpaygani




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