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  • 2020-03-23 17:47
    Dear Imam, Take my Salam. Once upon a time i told you that create 6666 research center based on 6666 verse of Qur'an. I will help you to create 6666 research center by sending information. I always think that at first what type of verses of Qur'an should we have study, research and use in our practical life. Human body is like a machine(Robot). Qur'an is software of this complex (human) machine. Without Qur'an human can't work perfectly. At that's why i follow Qur'an as it's revealed serial. And i can feel that this is most effective. In this way at first i study, research and follow Five verse of Surah Al-Alaq. I input verses of Qur'an in it's revealed serial in excel software. And when you click every verse you will go the Tafseer sheet of that verse. And i am continuously including information of those tafseer sheet. As soon as possible i will send you that software via this website. Sincerely Yours, Motahar Hossain.
  • 2020-03-23 20:52
    Dear Imam, Take my Salam. I confidently told you that "mixer of Honey & Black Cumin Oil is best treatment for Corona Virus" Sincerely Yours, Motahar Hossain.