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What does "Down with the USA" mean?

Human values have been annihilated and trampled upon in that country[The U.S.]. There is racial discrimination in that country. Just a few days before..., that man [Trump] stood up in his presidential campaign and said that if you are colored – black or red-skinned - and if you are walking on the streets of New York, Chicago, Washington, California and other such cities, you cannot be sure that you will remain alive for a few more minutes! Notice that this is being said by a person who expects to go to the White House in a few days to manage the affairs of America! American racism means this.

Poverty has struck the Americans as well. He said that 44 million people are hungry in America! He and others said that less than one percent of the people of America are the owners of 90 percent of American wealth. Human values have been trampled upon in that country. There is discrimination, differentiation, racism and annihilation of human rights in America. When you shout, “Death to America” and when Imam (r.a.) said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on America” this means death to all these things. It was because of these things that Imam (r.a.) said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on America.”
Nov 2, 2016



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