Aging of the country 720

We need to prevent the aging of Iran's population

Homemaking is a job. It is a great, important and sensitive job which builds the future. Giving birth to children is a great effort. This issue was, unfortunately, neglected in a period of time in our country because of our lack of care and because of the mistakes that we made. Today, we can see the dangerous consequences of this. I have said to our people many times that the consequences of ageing and a reduction in the number of young people in our country will show themselves later on. When the consequences of this mistake show themselves, then there will be no cure for this problem. But today, it can be cured.

Giving birth is one of the feminine efforts and responsibilities. Giving birth to children is, in fact, the art of women. It is they who take the trouble. It is they who endure the sufferings. It is they whom Allah the Exalted has offered the means for raising children. Allah the Exalted has not provided men with the means for raising children. He has provided women with the means. He has given them the patience, the feelings, the emotions and the body which are necessary to raise children. This is, in fact, the art of women. If we do not let these things pass into oblivion, then we will make progress.

May 1, 2013


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