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May Allah help all those afflicted by the Coronavirus throughout the world

This incident is not particular to our country. You know and you have heard that the incident has also occurred in many other countries today. The only difference, though, is that in many countries, they do not act with transparency and they hide many things, but since the first day, our officials announced the news with transparency and with all sincerity and truthfulness. They kept the people informed, which was a good course of action.

In some countries, they do not speak about it at all, but we know for a fact that in some countries, the epidemic is much graver than our country. I ask God to help the affected in other countries recover as well. I pray that God will help them as well.

And the last point is that this is a temporary matter, not an extraordinary phenomenon. Such incidents happen in the country. Of course, I do not want to understate its importance, but we should not exaggerate it either. An incident has taken place which will last for some time – but by Allah’s favor, it will not be very long. It will exist in the country for some time and it will disappear after a while. The experiences that we gain on this issue, and the activities that the people and organizations in the country do – in fact, such activities are like a public maneuver – can prove to be an achievement. If we can make these achievements, then the calamity will turn into a blessing and threats will turn into opportunities.

Fortunately, I have heard that cooperation and assistance among the people is abundant on this matter. For example, a shopkeeper puts a hose and detergents outside his shop so that passersby can wash their hands with soap if they wish to do so. Well, such phenomena are very significant. Or such and such a nurse puts off his or her wedding in order to attend to this matter. Or some people offer financial assistance. These are very good actions. This is in a fact a public maneuver organized by the people and the organizations in charge. I hope that they will bring about a good achievement for our country and that the days of full recovery will approach the nation as soon as possible, God willing.

Mar 3, 2020


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