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The Deal of the Century is senseless, malicious and to the detriment of the US and the Zionist regime

These days, the issue of Palestine is one of the most important issues of the world of Islam. The treason of some orientations in Islamic countries has led to explicitly treasonous actions regarding the issue of Palestine. The summit that is going to be held in Bahrain is orchestrated by the Americans, but the rulers of Bahrain have prepared the ground for this with their weakness, their various inabilities, and their appallingly bad and anti-popular and anti-Islamic spirit. They have committed themselves to hold this summit.

The goal of the summit is to implement the wrong, treacherous and malicious plan of the US regarding Palestine, which has been referred to as “the deal of the century.” Of course, this will never happen and by Allah’s favor, the deal of the century will never be concluded.

I wish to thank those Muslim and Arab countries which have expressed their opposition to it and also the Palestinian groups which have opposed it. This is a grave act of treason against the world of Islam! I hope that the rulers of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia realize in what quagmire they are setting foot and what damages it will inflict on them in the future. 

Jun 5, 2019

As for the issue of Palestine, you have certainly heard what has happened. The whole world heard that American bullies and bandits have recently inaugurated a project named “the deal of the century.” They want to please themselves by giving it a big name so that it might catch on. In my opinion, what they have done and what they are after is firstly stupid, secondly malicious and thirdly, it will prove to their disadvantage from the beginning [Audience chants, “Allahu Akbar and Death to America”].

Well, before I explain why it is stupid, you said takbir, showing that all of you know why it is stupid [Audience laughs]. Nonetheless, I wish to reiterate why it is stupid. It is stupid, why? Because it will certainly not achieve any result. This plan will die before Trump dies. Therefore, coming and going, spending huge sums of money, inviting this and that, kicking up a fuss in the world about it and showcasing a plan that will obviously not achieve any result is a stupid move.

Secondly, it shows the Americans’ malice and deception. Well, it is clear where the Zionists stand, but by doing so, the Americans too showed how malicious and deceitful they are. Why? That is because they did a deal with the other side – the Zionists – while the deal is about something which does not belong to them. They did a deal about Palestinian property and they exchanged another man’s belongings between themselves. Is that not malice? Is that not deception? Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. What right do you have to make decisions about Palestine, about Bayt ul-Moqaddas, about such and such a region and about the capital of the Palestinian government? What is that to you? Who are you to make such decisions?

Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and making decisions about it falls on the Palestinians themselves - I will expand on this later on. The only solution for Palestine’s problem is the plan that we presented a few years ago. I will speak about it today. Therefore, if others – the US – come and make decisions about other peoples’ property, land, country and home, this indicates the deception, malice and evil nature of those who are doing it.

I said that this plan would be to their disadvantage from the beginning. Why? Because the apparatus of arrogance did its best to consign the name and memory of Palestine to oblivion and to erase it from memory. However, on the contrary, what they did, helped revive the issue of Palestine. In the present time, the whole world is speaking about the innocence of the Palestinians and the fact that they are right and they are condemning the measure adopted by the US.

One should not take into account the few treacherous Arab rulers who went there and clapped for them as they are of no significance, they have no merits and they do not have a good reputation among their own people. Therefore, this proved to be to their own disadvantage. In the present time, Palestine has become livelier, Palestinian groups have become recognized more than the past, the name of Palestine is on everyone’s tongue and the innocence of the Palestinians is easy to see. So, this is the condition of the plan. Well, they will make certain efforts to further the plan. In order to do so, they will rely on weapons and money. They will buy some people by bribing them and they will intimidate some with their weapons. They tempt one and threaten another. This will be their practical moves.

What is the cure? The cure is steadfastness and bold resistance. The Palestinian nation, Palestinian elements and Palestinian organizations should put the Zionist enemy and the US in a tight corner with their self-sacrificing jihad. That is the only way and the entire world of Islam should help all of them. All Muslim nations should support the Palestinians. This is the cure. Of course, I believe that Palestinian armed organizations will stand firm and they will continue to resist. Resistance is the only way.

Feb 5, 2020


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