crushing blow

Participation in elections: A crushing blow

As for the elections, dear brothers, elections are an opportunity for our country and our nation and it is a threat for our enemies. Elections should not be underrated. We should not underplay the fact that some people say whatever they want about elections, discouraging the people with their words. Elections are an opportunity for our country: first of all, if it is held in an enthusiastic way and if all the people go to ballot boxes, this will ensure the security of the country. Why? Because the enemies who threaten the country and the nation are more afraid of popular support than our armaments. Although they are afraid of our missiles, they are more intimidated by the Islamic Republic’s popular support. Presence in elections indicates the people’s support for the system. That is why elections ensure security.

Secondly, they indicate the determination and power of the Iranian nation. Well, there are certain problems in the country and they themselves are aware of them. Their sanctions, as well as some negligence on our part, have brought about certain problems for the people and they have some complaints. However, because elections, the reputation of the system and the security of the country are at stake, they show their presence in the arena. This shows national determination, national power and national insight. This was another point in this regard.

Another point is that elections solve many of our international problems. The judgment of international spectators about countries and their outlook towards them depends very much on these things. They look at parliaments in different countries – if they have any – and the heads of countries to see how and with what level of participation they are elected. These issues are influential.

Besides, presidential and parliamentary elections are an opportunity for the arrival of new thoughts and new methods in the cycle of decision-making and decision-building. New thoughts will emerge. In particular – later on, I will expand on this matter, God willing – if we manage to find and elect eligible people, this will be influential as we will witness the arrival of new thoughts in the cycle of the country’s decision-making and decision-building. Such individuals will be able to present new solutions to the problems of the country and they will give their expert opinion.

The issue of the economy is very important and I have always stressed it. The issue of culture and the issue of developing science and furthering progress are very important as well, but it is elections which provide the basis for all these. If we benefit from strong, proper and public elections, then in my opinion, all the problems of the country will gradually be resolved. This shows the significance of elections.

Therefore, elections are the most fundamental issue in the country. This fundamental issue should not be undermined with peripheral matters, various comments and discouraging and disheartening words. Unfortunately, such words are uttered sometimes. Of course, the enemy is active and this is not a recent phenomenon. Since the very first years, the enemies have always put a question mark on our elections. They sometimes said that there had been violations of the rules in such and such elections and they sometimes said that they had been engineered. Foreigners used to say such things all the time, but they were not of any avail and the people were not influenced by them. The people do not trust such and such a treacherous radio that describes the millions of people on the streets as “a few thousand” and that describes 200 individuals who engage in sabotage on the streets as “the Iranian nation”. This is clear. However, this depends on us not giving weight to their statements from the inside. This is what I wish to emphasize. 

Feb 5, 2020


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