World Hero 4000

The World Hero

An important part of the security of our dear homeland is the result of the work done by the pious youth who worked and endeavored hard under the command of our dear Martyr Sardar. It is they who have brought us security. They have brought security to the country. Yes, it is true that they rush to the help of Palestine, Gaza and other regions which need their presence, but they also ensure the security of our own country. The enemy who has been equipped by the US has been equipped not for the sake of occupying Iraq and Syria, but for the sake of occupying Iran because our dear Iran is their ultimate goal. They created DAESH not merely for the sake of dominating Iraq - their ultimate goal was Iran. This way, they planned to jeopardize our security, our borders and our cities and to create an unsafe environment for our families. However, their efforts were aborted thanks to the pious and dear youth who went there and made that great endeavor.

Those naïve individuals who one day shouted, “Neither Gaza nor Lebanon” did not sacrifice their lives for Iran, nor were they even prepared to abandon their comfort and interests in the way of the country. Those who sacrificed their lives for Iran, once again, were the likes of Shahid Soleimani. It was they who risked their lives at a time when the country needed to be defended and who rushed to the battlefield in order to defend the country and Iran. It is they who can claim to be defending the security of the country and of the nation. It was because of sacrifice and purity, which has prevailed at all stages. Well, it is with this outlook that we can unearth the truth of the Iranian nation and of their spirituality and nature. It is this way that we can unearth the nature of and the truth about those who poured onto the streets and the millions of individuals who marched under the coffins of those dear ones in Tehran, in Qom, in Kerman, in Khuzestan and other cities and also of those who witnessed the events at a distance and who wept for them. The latter are people who held, from a distance, a mourning ceremony in different cities. As a matter of fact, millions of our people participated in that great test.

Jan 17, 2020


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