Imam Khamenei, Sepahbod Soleimani

“Ultimate victory” is for the Iranian nation

Following the martyrdom of the honourable General of Islam - Martyr Major-General Hajj Qasem Soleimani -  and the martyrs accompanying him, particularly the great fighter in the way of God, Mr. Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, the Leader of the Revolution issued a message. In this message, Imam Khamenei stressed that all friends - as well as all foes - should know that the path of Resistance Jihad will continue with increased motivation and certain victory awaits the Mujahideen (fighters) on this blessed path. On this occasion, the website of is publishing an essay to explain the reasons for “the certain, ultimate victory of the Front of Resistance.”

“The most villainous individuals on earth" martyred the great and honorable General of Islam, Major General Hajj Qasem Soleimani, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and a group of their friends, “but severe revenge awaits those criminals who have tainted their filthy hands with his blood and the blood of the other martyrs in last night's incident.” [Jan 3, 2020] “Jihad and martyrdom are two important parts of a Basiji movement.” [Aug 24, 2005]

“A person who is martyred for the cause of Allah is himself most grateful to God for this; because, God, the Exalted, has bestowed such a great blessing on him.” [May 24, 1999] “If a nation understands the meaning of martyrdom and understands how lives can be sacrificed for its causes, it can then live an independent life, free from distress, because death is no longer an obstacle for it. Otherwise, the enemy will scare that nation of death, and like some countries, some governments and some nations it will become weak in the face of enemies.” [May 15, 1996] Those heavenly individuals who lived on earth were warmly embraced by the immaculate souls of martyrs; however, “Resistance Jihad continues".

We know that, “The Islamic Revolution was basically against America.” [Nov 3, 2019]  and “During this time span - since 1979 - the US has done whatever it could in showing enmity towards the Iranian nation. It has done whatever it could and whatever it knew, against the Iranian nation. These plots include coups d’états, provocations, plots to create division, sieges and the like - and you are witness to all these.” [Nov 3, 2019]

“Imam (r.) did not conceal the fact that we are opposed to the system of domination. The system of domination refers to the international system, which is based on dividing the world into the oppressed and the oppressor. Imam decisively rejected this. This system of domination is completely manifested and represented by the current regime and government of the United States of America. Imam adopted an open stance of opposition to America. Our stance against America is not based on the people of America or on racist viewpoints. The issue is not this. The issue is that the behavior, nature and conduct of the government of the United States of America is based on interference and seeking to dominate.” [Feb 8, 2014]

Today the regime of the United States of America is the greatest 'Taghut' (Tyrant) in the world.” [Aug 21, 2006] “You can see that the Americans have done whatever they could during this period. They have shown enmity, especially against the institutions that rose from the Revolution, including the Islamic system, as much as they could. Of course, we did not sit idly either. We too have done whatever we could against the US. We have managed to corner the opponent on many occasions, and it has been unable to defend itself well. This is completely clear, and the whole world sees it.” [Nov 3, 2019]

“America has certain polices and opinions in the region. One of them is that the resistance forces in the region should be completely eliminated and destroyed. Another is that the U.S. government should have complete domination over Iraq, Syria and other such countries. These are their opinions. The measures that they want to adopt are in order to gain such results. They expect our officials, our administration and our politicians to move in the direction of these policies, but such a thing will not happen.” [Sep 3, 2015]

What needs to be highlighted in the global resistance front and Islamic movements is the important point that “although there are threats, there are also ways to stay safe. The mere presence of threats should not scare nations. Let the enemy fear you and know that, “Indeed, Satan’s guile is always weak.”(Quran 4:76)” [Sep 17, 2011]

Being frightened by the appearances of the Arrogant Powers and a feeling of fear of America and other interventionist powers are the kinds of harm that should be avoided. The brave and young should remove these fears from their hearts. Trusting the enemy and falling into the trap of their smiles and promises is another threat that needs to be avoided by the intellectuals and leaders. The enemy must be identified no matter what cover it uses. The nation and the revolution should be protected against the designs of the enemy, which at times hide behind a façade of friendship and supportive gestures. Another side to this matter is becoming overconfident and remiss about the enemy. Bravery must be combined with wisdom and good judgment. We must use all our God given talents in confronting the satans from among the Jinn and men. Creating division, pitting revolutionaries against one another and penetrating into the front line of the struggle are other great harms that need to be avoided with all our power.” [Sep 17, 2011]

“I tell all of the Iranian nation, A people are defeated when they believe that they cannot do anything. This is the beginning of the defeat of any nation.” [Mar 26, 2014] َAnd “The Islamic Republic can not only defend itself against all materialistic powers in the world, but it can also make its opponent to admit its failure because it relies on the people's faith and affection.” [Mar 26, 2014]

One important point is worth heeding here, “The enemies focus on the pillars of our nation's resistance. The enemy will target our national unity and our strong religious faith. The enemy will target our men and women's spirit of resistance. This type of invasion is more dangerous than a military invasion.” [May 12, 2009]

Surely, based on divine traditions, victory is the result and the fruit of resistance and trust in the divine promise, “The day when Islam achieved victory in Iran and managed to capture the stronghold of America and Zionism in one of the most important countries in this extremely sensitive region, those who were wise and quick to learn realized that if they had patience and insight, other victories will come one after another. The shining truths in the Islamic Republic, which are acknowledged by our enemies, have all been achieved in the shade of trust in divine promises, patience, resistance and asking God for assistance. In the face of temptations from weak people who, in times of tension, shout "we are sure to be overtaken," (Qur’an, 26:61] our people have always shouted, "by no means, my Lord is with me and soon will He guide me." (Qur’an, 26: 62).” [Apr 29, 2013]

The dignified and honorable path of the Iranian nation and the failure of the enemy have always continued and will continue, “The Iranian nation has ascended to summits of dignity with the martyrs’ self-sacrifice, the veterans’ endurance and patience, and their families’ magnanimity, opening a bright path toward the future.” [Sep 26, 2013]

“During this period, our country has been the recipient of the most threats, enmity and viciousness from the Arrogant Powers, and our nation has manifested the most faith, endurance and dignity during this time. We have experienced in practice the words of the Qur’an where it says, “The evil plans of Satan are certainly weak.” (4:76), “God is certainly with the pious and the righteous.” (16:128) and “God has all the power to give victory.” (22:39)” [Jan 28, 2004]




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